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Discussion filter request: My Recent Discussions

Hey! I'd love a Discussion Filter which showed me the posts I've recently posted to. I'm thinking one of two options: 1. Lists the last 10 (or whatever) discussions I have posted in. 2. Lists the discussions I have posted in within the last month (or whatever) I think 1 would be preferable to 2. Perhaps there is a way to do this already? This type of feature would be useful especially for active communities like Lussomo. I find myself bookmarking discussions temporarily to keep track of answers. Things sink quickly when there are lots of new discussions taking off.


  • You can search for comments with your name as the author?
  • Yeah that works beautifully, and orders them correctly too (latest come on top). But how do I get a link in the Discussion Filters? Perhaps that add-on could be amended with this feature added?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It could, yeah. but you could also just save the search - then it will appear in the sidebar under saved searches...
  • If we're getting technical it'd appear in the sidebar under searches.
  • edited June 2006
    Sorry to cause some confusion. Getting a little tired. I realise the search doesn't quite do it after all. If I search for comments I get a list of my last comments. Rather, I want a list of the discussions in which I recently posted comments. That is, I want one entry per discussion. If I do mini's search I get a list of several comments from the same discussions. Also, I want to see who last posted - again, this means a list of discussions rather than comments. Hope this made sense! @mark: didn't think of saved searches, thx.
  • Yeah I considered that but i was rather hoping you might not notice as initially you didnt. I believe (and i'm sure mark will correct me otherwise) that what you'd like to do in an ideal world would require a rather complex query - that said I'm not too highly versed in the wonders of mysql and therefore it might not be that difficult at all.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    i was rather hoping you might not notice as initially you didnt.


    No, this can be done easily enough - complex query or not. I just didn't bother for version 1 of that extension. Maybe in version 2.
  • Oh i know it could be done, i meant quickly. I'm very much on the quick-easy-short-term-fix path tonight.
  • Let's hope one day that "Maybe" becomes a "definately"! ;-) btw. just installed pre1v3: a stellar product, works beautifully!
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