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Attachments in v1pre3

I've just installed v1pre1. Installing the attachments extension seems to work fine: both my old pre-upgrade and newly made attachments show up nicely. But when I try to download the files i get corrupted files. The files I save using the browser also has the wrong names (only the first word, and no .doc) I have verified that the files in the uploads folder are intact. Any ideas what could be wrong here?


  • ...also, the thumbnailing doesn't work: the image is displayed as is instead.
  • Are you, by any chance, using Friendly URLs?
  • I enabled them, but took them away because of a database error. So no.
  • See how it looks here:
  • same problem for me. The document is still fine on the server. But the one downloaded is blank.
  • Glad to hear its not only me =)
  • Sorry Thomas, my problem is different. A_magical_him guess it wright, it is a problem with friendly url. With Friendly Urls off I can download an attached doc.
  • Okey! I'll need to experiment a bit more with this. But all your troubles are fixed now, right?
  • this is the link to download file.doc: comments.php?CommentID=14&&Download=file.doc
    with friendly urls on the link is discussion/14/&Download=file.doc --> comments.php?CommentID=14&Download=file.doc

    too late to think to that now...
  • Actually, with friendly urls the link is discussion/14/?&Download=file.doc --> comments.php?DiscussionID=14&Download=file.doc. To fix it on my test forum, I modified the extension to properly integrate with friendly urls.
  • I've now tried entering the url of a file both with and without double '&'. No luck either way, just blank downloads =(
  • yeah it need two &. What the the second & is for?
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    Have you tried this fix (//edit: sorry, I read your post to fast, this fix can't do anything with with this problem)

    Here the problem is just that the friendly link to donwload file.doc should be "discussion/##/?&&Download=file.doc" and not "discussion/##/?&Download=file.doc".

    "discussion/##/" is not a problem since this rule in .htaccess, "RewriteRule ^discussion/([0-9]+)/$ comments.php?DiscussionID=$1 [QSA,L]" transform "discussion/##/" in "comments.php?DiscussionID=##".
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    Oups read the post of the magical one quick too... the rewrite rule is the problem. To download the file you need CommentID=## and not DiscussionID=##.

    I believe a quick fix would be to edit the line 329 of /extensions/Attachments/default.php; replace:
    $AttachString .= '<a href="' . GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'comments.php', '', 'CommentID', $CommentID, '', '&Download='. urlencode($FileName)) .'">'. $FileName .'</a>';
    $AttachString .= '<a href="' . $Configuration['BASE_URL] . 'comments.php?CommentID=' . $CommentID . '&Download='. urlencode($FileName) .'">'. $FileName .'</a>';
  • On my forum the extension is weird indeed. Some old attachments (v1pre1) come up in a messed up fashion. The new attachments show up only with a few random characters, mainly square boxes. Odd stuff! And it seems it only happens on my v1pre3 forum?
  • Aha! Setting the forum to English makes the extension work. I realised this when toying with the new GuestSignIn extension ( Is this a more generam problem with V1pre3 and languages/add-ons?
  • Hurra! Problem solved! There were errors in the language file. See for the specs.
  • Sorry guys!
  • No worries bjrn ;-) I should have realised it was the language setting. Anyhow I'm very grateful for the translation! And the rest of the lot have perhaps learnt a thing or two!
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