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Website cannot recover when I click "setting->plugin->enable Debugging"

When I click the website setting->plugin->enable Debugging. The website crash, with the following information:

Fatal Error in Gdn_Dispatcher.xDispatch();
The "Gdn_Dispatcher" object does not have a "xDispatch" method.
The error occurred on or near: /Users/lily/haalthy/vanilla-core-2-0-18-8/library/core/class.pluggable.php

168: // Make sure that $ActualMethodName exists before continuing:

169: if (!method_exists($this, $ActualMethodName)) {

170: // Make sure that a plugin is not handling the call

171: if (!Gdn::PluginManager()->HasNewMethod($this->ClassName, $ReferenceMethodName))

172: trigger_error(ErrorMessage('The "' . $this->ClassName . '" object does not have a "' . $ActualMethodName . '" method.', $this->ClassName, $ActualMethodName), E_USER_ERROR);

173: }


175: // Make sure the arguments get passed in the same way whether firing a custom event or a magic one.

176: $this->EventArguments = $Arguments;



[/Users/lily/haalthy/vanilla-core-2-0-18-8/library/core/class.pluggable.php:172] PHP::trigger_error();

[/Users/lily/haalthy/vanilla-core-2-0-18-8/index.php:52] Gdn_Pluggable->__call();

[/Users/lily/haalthy/vanilla-core-2-0-18-8/index.php:52] Gdn_Dispatcher->Dispatch();


select *
from GDN_User User
where UserID = '1'; 0.001523s

select *
from GDN_Permission Permission
limit 1; 0.016286s

select MAX(p.PermissionID) as PermissionID, MAX(p.Garden.Email.Manage) as Garden.Email.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Settings.Manage) as Garden.Settings.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Settings.View) as Garden.Settings.View, MAX(p.Garden.Routes.Manage) as Garden.Routes.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Messages.Manage) as Garden.Messages.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Applications.Manage) as Garden.Applications.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Plugins.Manage) as Garden.Plugins.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Themes.Manage) as Garden.Themes.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.SignIn.Allow) as Garden.SignIn.Allow, MAX(p.Garden.Registration.Manage) as Garden.Registration.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Applicants.Manage) as Garden.Applicants.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Roles.Manage) as Garden.Roles.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Add) as Garden.Users.Add, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Edit) as Garden.Users.Edit, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Delete) as Garden.Users.Delete, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Approve) as Garden.Users.Approve, MAX(p.Garden.Activity.Delete) as Garden.Activity.Delete, MAX(p.Garden.Activity.View) as Garden.Activity.View, MAX(p.Garden.Profiles.View) as Garden.Profiles.View, MAX(p.Garden.Profiles.Edit) as Garden.Profiles.Edit, MAX(p.Garden.Moderation.Manage) as Garden.Moderation.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.AdvancedNotifications.Allow) as Garden.AdvancedNotifications.Allow, MAX(p.Conversations.Moderation.Manage) as Conversations.Moderation.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Settings.Manage) as Vanilla.Settings.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Categories.Manage) as Vanilla.Categories.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Spam.Manage) as Vanilla.Spam.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.View) as Vanilla.Discussions.View, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Add) as Vanilla.Discussions.Add, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Edit) as Vanilla.Discussions.Edit, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Announce) as Vanilla.Discussions.Announce, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Sink) as Vanilla.Discussions.Sink, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Close) as Vanilla.Discussions.Close, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Delete) as Vanilla.Discussions.Delete, MAX(p.Vanilla.Comments.Add) as Vanilla.Comments.Add, MAX(p.Vanilla.Comments.Edit) as Vanilla.Comments.Edit, MAX(p.Vanilla.Comments.Delete) as Vanilla.Comments.Delete, MAX(p.Plugins.Debugger.View) as Plugins.Debugger.View, MAX(p.Plugins.Debugger.Manage) as Plugins.Debugger.Manage, p.JunctionTable as JunctionTable, p.JunctionColumn as JunctionColumn, p.JunctionID as JunctionID
from GDN_Permission p
join GDN_UserRole ur on p.RoleID = ur.RoleID
where ur.UserID = '1'
group by p.JunctionTable, p.JunctionColumn, p.JunctionID; 0.000450s

Variables in local scope:

[MethodName] 'Dispatch'

[Arguments] array (

[Return] false

[ActualMethodName] 'xDispatch'

[ReferenceMethodName] 'Dispatch'

[this] array (
'Request' => '',
'EventArguments' =>
array (
'Returns' =>
array (
'HandlerType' => 'NORMAL',

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Additional information for support personnel:

Application: Vanilla
Application Version:
PHP Version: 5.3.15
Operating System: Darwin
Server Software: Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/0.9.8r
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/24.0
Request Uri: /vanilla-core-2-0-18-8/index.php
Controller: Gdn_Dispatcher
Method: xDispatch

and the Gdn_Dispatcher do not have the xDispatch method. It just have the Dispatch method.

Then, when I input the website Url in the address bar, whatever argument I input, it always display the same fatal error page. even I restart the Apache or DB or even restart the Sever.



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