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Editing discussion titles

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
If you're logged on as a member with an Admin role, is there some way to edit the discussion titles? If you edit the first post of a discussion, and you started that discussion, you can change the title and which category it belongs in, but if you (as an admin) try to do that to someone else's post/discussion you can only edit the text of the post, not the title. Or am I just missing some link?


  • I can change them. Same options as if I was the author.
  • Hmm. Strange. I wonder what could be causing it. Using v1.pre3, Windows, Apache. I'll see what happens if I make a fresh install and try some things.
  • Using v1 pre3 as well
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    If you're an admin, you should be able to edit just about anything.
  • Ah, it has something to do with that the user was imported from a phpBB forum. Right now I can't see any real difference between the working admin member and the imported admin member in the DB, but I'll look at it tomorrow, it's late.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Ahh, in that case you might need to do some manual tinkering with each account. ie: downgrade/upgrade their status to see if that makes a difference.
  • It's not the first time there have been funky errors with imported users acting differently to normal ones. I have absolutely no idea why though.
  • We ran into this on our board, and after trying out the members, we discovered it's not the members at all. The imported accounts work wonderfully, but the imported discussions have no category. Not "general" as I'd expected, but blank. Nada. It would seem that, without any category data to work with, Vanilla kind of passes over it, and that part of the edit form doesn't show up. If someone could write a thing that changed all empty category entries to the default category, things would probably work fine.
  • Hm. That's interesting. As far as i can see with my migrator it shouldnt have any problem migrating category/discussion lnks. If anyone else can confirm this for me I'll have a closer look at it though...
  • Well, I started looking around at the database a bit more, and I think that maxoid is right that it's not the users. However, for me the problem isn't that there is no category ID present, every entry in lum_discussion has a valid CategoryID number. But, while looking around, I did notice something else, a mismatch between the FirstCommentID in lum_discussion and the right CommentID. FirstCommentID should correspond to a CommentID in lum_comment, but in my migrated DB, I have FirstCommentID in lum_discussion for comments that are in entirely different discussions.

    I found that when adding new discussions all my users with editing rights (migrated and new) could edit them fine. So it's the migrated discussions, no users, which are causing troubles.
  • Our categories from phpBB were not moved at all; we had to re-create them. We're going to try the migrator again on a fresh install just to double-check everything is used as intended and all the settings are correct. Minisweeper, I can whisper you access to my forum if you need to poke around and get a feel for what's up. We're still testing things at this point, with the old phpBB version being what the community uses until we switch. As soon as we can get this problem solved, we'll be switching in a hearbeat.
  • All my phpBB discussions have a CategoryID of 0, whereas the default categoryID seems to be 1. I don't have a category with an ID of 0. I've got the same mismatch between FirstCommentID and the right CommentID, just like bjrn. For instance, one discussion thinks it has a first comment of 2383, whereas my comment ID's only run as high as 2259. If it makes any difference, the correct FirstCommentID for this particular discussion would be 2233, so maybe there's an offset of +150? I'll take a look in a bit and see if others correspond.
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