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Vanilla CMS

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Wouldn't a Vanilla CMS be awesome? With Vanilla, Filebrowser, Swell. Easy & Powerful. I am sure it would be a success.


  • Noone doubts that, but mark doesnt have a time machine or a million dollars unfortunately :(
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    hehe why not write it then? or start writing anyway? how hard would it be? All i know is the admin page would have to be reworked. Infact i may try re work the settings template for my wants and needs. Should be good imo. I already know how i want it to look like. mmm Thinking about it, the way i wanted involved icons meaning every extension would need a icon. Maybe ill think of sometihng else.
  • Mmm.. I wish I had the time to create that app :) But at the moment, I'm busy with something completely different... No, I'm not talking about my "Projects" extension... I've put that on hold, because I'm writing a personal website which I hope to release in the future. Wanna know what it is....?? It's a Dating Site!! Yep, build on Lussumo's Framework. In the Netherlands dating sites are very popular!! Only thing is.. you all have to pay on those sites to get full access... Once I'm finished, I hope to get it to be the most popular FREE dating website here in the Netherlands, with thousands and thousands of users who will put their profile online :) It'll be the bomb :) Only trouble would be to get out in the media... with no funding it's hard put out adds or commercials like the others do. I just hope, as it being FREE and all, people will tell eachother about it :) Stay tuned...
  • It is cool. But dude can't you make a free community script? Not just a dating script. It is a huge demand for a big community script so you can run your own community with many features.
  • what is CMS? why the world needs n+1 CM systems?
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    CMS stands for Content Management System which lets you administrate your website easy and stuff like adding pages, news and so on. An example of a CMS is Mambo.
  • Dear Jazzman, So we don't be seeing anything about "Project" till....? At least nest year?
  • Jazzman is fast
  • I hope he'll have time for the projects add-on - it would be a superb addition! Not least a file manager functionality on a separate tab =)
  • My RoR publishing platform took alot of ques from Vanilla and Mark's ideology "Markism" or "Mark'ology" (interesting subject, well come back to this later). I STILL haven't had time to write a proper user management system/authentication and some minor features I feel are necessary for it to be more than just a blogging machine with image pasting. I'm not going to tell you much, but let me just say that an optional flash userview is involved.
  • You're still working on this Kosmo... :) :) :)
  • I still am, it has been a great learning experience, I have bought all the RoR books and I learn as I go, I figured that it would be the best way for me. Ofcourse after the beta release there will be tons of bug crushing and code optimization. But I like how everything works and testing is easy. As I'm at the same time porting our company sites to RoR I'm testing everything out in the publishing platform before I add the features to it. Big projects are the best, you never have a dull moment.
  • Vanilla CMS would be the ultimate for a website. :)
  • Totally. : )
  • I'd love to see either Vanilla CMS or 37signal CMS... bring em on peeps!
  • If someone could help me, I would love to start this project.
  • there is hell lot more to a cms then just a forum, blog and file browser.

    we need to concentrate on vanilla, where lot of extension request are going unfulfilled. if ur knowledgeable to make a cms then u prolly can make extensions too. Help by making extensions, thats what Vanilla needs now. it doesn't need cms, it doesn't need swell, it just needs extension developers

    don't stretch vanilla too thin.
  • Speaking of "extensions development", wouldn't it be nice (as was pointed out in another discussion) if we had a list of what was being developed? Or at least a list of extension requests rated in some way so that those of us who would like to work on something, would be spending their time productively instead of developing something that may be useful to only one or two people? Just thinking out loud!
  • there is allready a vanilla cms you just have to put the right extensions together.
  • I'm waiting to see what changes Mark made to Vanilla while he is working for Mozilla. there were lot of things they requested and mark said he will do it. so just wait and see. when mark finished his work he will prolly let us have the goods too. I think?
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