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looking for messages plugin

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i was amazed that i couldn't found a message extensions,it's useful and simple i think. Why not people write a similar extensions,to sent and receive private messages


  • You mean like whispers?
  • i've tested whispers,it's interesting but not easy enough for beginners i still like the original type of "pm" "inbox" "outbox"
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Vanilla, from what you can see might look like a traditional forum, but in many ways it's not. I'll agree that I enjoy the formal pm in/outbox, but given the extensibility of Vanilla, it's one of those things you can either A) learn to live without or B) code the in/outbox yourself if you want a true message system. One benefit of whispers is that you can whisper within thread topics without it boiling over into another discussion.
  • Isnt there a thing you can search for which is basically a whisper inbox? I'm tired.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Mini, Account > Prefs > Display your private discussions in the control panel :)
  • The add-ons that allow that is PanelList I think.

    It is not yet available on the add-ons page. It was in svn, it is working here; it should be available very soon.
  • I really like vanillas whisper function more than a pure messaging-sytem, cause it allows private communication for certain topics.

    For a client I wrote the User Messages Extension, which allows user to write other users on their account page. I think this is a good startingpoint for the "inbox" - "outbox" messaging system yee needs so I put the extension to the Add Ons directory. (I tried to post the code here, but it had to many chars.)

    This extension is more concept than finished and may not work without additional coding.

    I recommend to check the power of vanillas "whisper comment"-features before setting up a message system on your board.
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    So is there any notification for whispers, or do you have to go looking for them?

    If vanilla is touting whispers as a viable replacement for private messages, there needs to be a notification system in place.

    Either way I think there should be both systems. An inbox like the on employed on is terribly handy. There's one section for replies to your posts in a discussion (replace in vanilla with whispers in a thread), and there's another section for your pm style inbox.

    I think whispers are a great feature, and something many boards are lacking, but I don't think they replace private messages.
  • So is there any notification for whispers, or do you have to go looking for them?
    Funny. We were just talking about that.
  • I hear often how vanilla is different from other forums, different perhaps but also I think its not that its so different, it has the same stuff just arranged differently, I think some things that standard forums use are very handy. Vanilla doesn't have to reinvent the wheel sort of speak, arrangement is the cool part, now if adding some of the nfity features found in other forums can improve vanilla that could make it better. I don't get the whispers thing it sounds very foreign to me, a personal notification system make good sense. Does the whispier get thrown in with the comment ? seems not so personal that way.
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    Yeah, but you can also start a discussion with a whisper as the first entry. That way it will be a private discussion between you and whom ever you whisper to... That's a lot nicer than an inbox IMO, though I think there should be notifications so that newer/hotter threads don't prevent you from seeing the whisper.
  • ic yea that make sense
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