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problems with translate add-ons

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
im using version 1pr3 and many add-ons that i'd translated into chinese will make the topic structure sink(in IE),like this image mading

anyone helps?


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    In an effort to debug it slightly, if you remove say the statistics extension (i assume that's what it is) do the discussions start higher up? It's happened before where discussions only start below the bottom of the panel but i cant entirely remember why.
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    omg,i got the same problems with 'Discussion Filters' and 'Legend'

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    edited June 2006
    I believe this is caused by a CSS glitch in IE.

    Might have to hack the CSS something similar to changing
    #Content {
    margin:0px 18px 0px 235px;
    position: relative;
    top: 0px;
    }#Content {
    margin:0px 18px 0px 235px;
    in /themes/vanilla/styles/default/vanilla.css

    Try position: absolute also, but you would have to use a different value for the top:... just keep bumping the number higher until the grid is where it belongs.
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    I think you add some HTML in language file! like <head><meta .......></head> is it true ?
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    # WallPhone,
    i hacked the css many times but it didn't work

    # Engin,
    i just translated the English to Chinese
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    edited June 2006
    i've added the definitions in \Vanilla\languages\
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    edited June 2006
    If it happens only in IE and moves with the content of the sidebar, I think wallphone is right, it's probably a CSS issue. I tried looking at it in IE but as a guest you don't see the long sidebar and I don't have the CJK character set installed, so the problem didn't occur.

    Try using the "CSS > Test Styles" function of the IE web accessibility toolbar to get it working again. It's not as good as the firefox edit css, but it works. The IE-own developer toolbar can help too in debugging, but AFAIK it will not live edit css.

    BTW: looking at your "PageDetailsMessageFull" and similar messages, you've not yet translated all the strings.
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    some people add the following to \languages\Chinese_Simplified and it works

    [quote]// Who's Online
    $Context->Dictionary["Who's Online"] = "看谁在线";
    $Context->Dictionary["Hide the \"Who's Online\" panel"] = "隐藏“看谁在线”面板";
    $Context->Dictionary["Hide my username from the \"Who's Online\" panel"] = "在“看谁在线”隐藏自己的名字";
    $Context->Dictionary["guest"] = "游客";
    $Context->Dictionary["guests"] = "游客";[/quote]
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