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Wordpress Install Instructions create multiple Discussions Pages and fail to display the Forum

I am trying to embed the Forum inside wordpress v3..7.1 using the WP Plugin 1.1.141 and have followed the instructions very carefully and am getting the same failure now every time. I am using localhost. I can install database and install Vanilla Forums and that works perfectly and is located at: http://localhost/vanilla_forum/ It works perfectly
From the Dashboard URL area "Enter the url to the page you would like to use as your homepage:" I see
http://localhost/vanilla_forum/discussions AND I "saved" that.
I installed the wordpress plugin vanilla-forums at localhost/wp-content/plugins and "activated" it. My http://localhost/wp-admin/admin.php?page=vf-admin-handle under "Enter the full url of your Vanilla Forum:" shows http://localhost/vanilla_forum and that "validates" properly. If I then do to "All Pages" in wordpress I see that a "discussions" page has been automatically created with a slug "discussions". If I then move to the Forum Integration field in Wordpress under the "Forum Page in WordPress:" field I see that it reflects:
http://localhost/discussions-2/ and it has automatically created a new Wrodpress page "discussions" with a slug "discussion-2". So I now have 2 worpress pages with 2 slugs. I find that it will not let me "edit" http://localhost/discussions-2/. So I now have 2 wordpress pages with 2 different slugs.
If I then embed the code shown in "Forum Code" in either page the Forum DOES NOT show up at all. the "Forum Code" that was built by the plugin is:

This has happened 4 times now exactly the same.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrongly please.

Best Regards



  • The "Forum Code" that was built by the plugin is:

  • kenjwkenjw New
    edited November 2013

    sorry trying again to send the code:

    < script type="text/javascript" src="" >< /script >
  • Sorry the code will not post … but I am using exactly what was auto produced by the plugin

  • ShadowdareShadowdare r_j MVP
    edited November 2013

    Welcome to the community.

    Put your code in between three tildes (~~~) above and below the code. Click this link for an example of how to do this:

    Add Pages to Vanilla with the Basic Pages app

  • I 'fixed' one of the code pastes. I had to add spaces, otherwise it still wouldn't show.

    @kenjw are you sure you want to embed?

    There was an error rendering this rich post.

  • Well I have Simple:Press already embedded and it works perfectly in this sense ..... my "roles" (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) created using the WP Members PlugIn together with an integration with PaidMembeshipsPro works just great/fantastic. Any LoggedIn "member" is automatically integrated into PMP and logged into SP and can logout from SP, or they can login to SP and logout through WP. Fantastic! What I do not like about SP is their "look and feel" and their search engine sucks. Things that a paying "user" of my site may hate! I like the Admin Panel of Vanilla and the layout and usability from a "users" point of view. BUT whatever I go with has to have the ability to work with PMP and WP and the WP Members plugin and right now I am not sure I can get these features even if I manage to get the WP plugin to embed. But if I cannot get the embed to work?

    Got a complete open mind otherwise! Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the prompt reply
    Best Regards

  • As a further aside the SP Admin Panel also allows me to restrict what Gold vs Silver vs Bronze members can do and see and its all nicely integrated with WP, PMP, WP Members and Stripe and embedded.
    I am just not that happy with the look and feel from a User POV, something which Vanilla does much better.

  • BTW ... the other thing is that my site with Server:Press and all the other stuff works perfectly inside my "responsive" bootstrap theme. If I cannot get the Vanilla embed to work I cannot test the product running in my responsive theme of choice.

  • You don't need to insert anything in a post it is should do it for you. Try removing both pages and deleting permanently, you may have edit the slugs in the databases. Then try again.

    Slugs like discussion-2 are created if there is a post somewhere with the same slug.

    grep is your friend.

  • Regarding roles, the is a version of jsConnect for 2.1 that syncs roles, and there is back portability. There are are some threads on here from people who have done.

    grep is your friend.

  • You know what .... I followed the instructions and the videos and did it all very carefully 4 times and got the same "no result". It also should not have automatically created 2 Discussions Pages. Each time I blew the database away and started from a clear wordpress install. Frankly this all should have worked as described in the documentation and the videos. So either I am doing something very wrong OR this is way from being ready for production environments.

    Appreciate any insights if the documentation is wrong.

  • Maybe I'am stupid ... but i can do what i want ... i'cant see the Forum in Wordpress. The Connection works, i can write Comments but i can't see the topic ... whats wrong ;-/ ?

    I use the latest Wordpress Version (3.8.1) - the latest official Plugin of Vanilla Forums and the latest stable Version of Vanilla Forums self.

    Please, could you tell me what's to do? I embed this two codes:

    I checked the links and i can see the files eg the code by viewing them manually ...

    But it doesn't work... Please help! :(

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