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User self-authentication via email (and porting other BB databases)?

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I searched the forum here for something similar, but I found only one small topic about it and little else. I thought I'd throw this out there.... Just a quick idea for either an extension or something to integrate into future versions of Vanilla, is a method for users to authenticate themselves via email like a lot of other BB systems do with a registration link of some sort or another. I work with the webmaster of a major anime convention and we're considering other bulletin-board systems other than phpBB. Vanilla is right now at the top of our list while we test it out. But the thing is we have several hundred people that use the forums and more join every day. We don't want to have to deal with approving new members all the time so we were wondering if there was an extension that exists to do just what I'm talking about or if I need to start looking into making my own. Second thing is a way to port other databases from other BB's. For example, we're using phpBB as mentioned. Should we switch to Vanilla, is there an extension or a utility already out there to port an entire database from that system to Vanilla?


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    If I get you right, Admin can set new members to become "Members" on application immediately, without Admin/Moderator approval, through the "Registration Settings" options under "Settings".

    Minisweeper made an extension to bring over phpBB db's to Vanilla. Do a search to find out more and then plod through the Add-on directory and that should sort you.
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    I have found the phpBB migrator discussion, but the question remains is whether or not it will work with Vanilla 1. The thread towards the end is a little ambiguous about it. As for the user authentication, what I am referring to involves a user registering their account and activating it through an email link. The account is NOT set as Member level yet until the user clicks an activation link that is sent to their email address. As previously mentioned, we have hundreds of users and more are coming in every day. We admins don't want the hassle of approving new members and the self-authentication method would weed out spammers.
  • .... just set it up & play with it might be the answer
  • do it on a test board first, and then when you come to the final thing (if it worked) back up like multiple times just in case.
  • If you wanted to migrate from phpBB i'd say the best way to do it right now is to migrate to then upgrade to v1. I've been informed the migrator worked directly but not tried it myself and as you say it's a bit ambiguous. I'm not really up for fixing it if it doesnt work cause really the whole script needs rewriting and making much nicer. I might try it as a summer project if i can get my head round OO stuff.

    As for email validation, I really dont think it'd be that difficult to make as an extension if you're reasonably capable in PHP. It'd also surprise me if someone didnt make one pretty soon.
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