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Looking for vanilla devs for hybrid partnership

xValxVal New
edited January 2014 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

The needs:
a) Redesign/or tweaking of current skin
b) New plug-ins/or tweaking of current addons
c) Performance/Dev jobs/Maintenance
d) Admins/Mods for our community

The offers:
a) Monthly payments
b) NLHE cash games coaching


Q: What's NLHE?
A: That stands for No-Limit Texas Hold'em (google it for more info).

Q: What do you mean by monthly payments?
A: Let's say for instance we agreed on $4.5K total price to pay. We are then gonna pay a % of that each month (eg. $750 for 6 months). This was only an example, actual figures will be calculated in private.

Q: Why not pay all the money upfront?
A: Few reasons: 1) I don't personally have that amount of money and 2) I like to look at it as a service rather than a 1-time job.

Q:How would this work?
A: My community has like 100 members, most of them professional (full-time) poker players. All of us play different stakes and generate different average monthly incomes. Let's assume 50% of us decide to contribute. Now, if price/mo would be $750, that would equate to 750/50= $15/mo/player - which is acceptable to all players, even if their monthly avg is $200-300 (this would be true if they play at the lowest available stake).

Q: Why not go with Vanilla cloud then?
A: There is a big difference imo between cloud and self-hosted. Besides the fact that I like to run my own ship if you know what I mean, we'd rather pay more per month for a limited amount of months rather than pay each month/lifetime of community.

Q: What about b) NLHE cash game coaching option?
A: A few of our players are playing pretty high compared to the others and are very successful in doing so. If you're interested in learning and mastering the art of poker, I might get you a deal if you can help our community somehow. Our top members that also do coaching make like $6-8K/mo and 1 hour of coaching is anywhere from $30 to $200 (you might need 10 or even 50hrs of 1-on-1 session reviews, database analysis, leakfinders etc. depending on your current skill level). PM me if you want to know more about this.

Q: If you're making so much money, why all the hassle?
A: Short answer would be: I'm not. I'm currently at lower stakes and I'm playing for a living, making ~$1.5K/mo. I know it's not much but I'm living in a pretty poor country; hint: helps me pay them bills.

Q: I have previous experience with NLHE and I also am familiar with Vanilla (not an expert though) - how can I help?
A: We're always looking for competent people to join our community. Being familiar with Vanilla is obv a plus, so feel free to apply for a moderator/admin job by sending me a PM.

Sorry for tldr; If you have any other questions, go ahead and post them here. Ty!


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    Here is an example:

    Forum Link (taken from

    How much $ and how many people needed for this kind of project? Guesstimate obv.

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    businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    @xVal said:
    Here is an example:

    How much $ and how many people needed for this kind of project? Guesstimate obv.

    I'm afraid that the best estimate will be a "can't really say", for a few reasons:

    1. The example is a hosted forum, which includes features not available in the OS version of Vanilla. "We need the same features" has never been a good description of specifications, as the developer(s) who will; have to implement them, most probably, have no idea of what features are.
    2. It would need at least a web designer to give an estimate for the theme, and a web developer for the custom features. I would not trust a single person to take care of both, as I rarely found someone who can cover both roles effectively.

    This doesn't mean that it will be impossible to give an estimate, but it will be a matter of "sitting down" and preparing a list of the required features and prepare at least a basic analysis (which, I reckon, will have a cost by itself).

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