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Handy Plugin! added a tweak to it for myself

This discussion is related to the Plugin Navigator addon.
peregrineperegrine MVP
edited January 2014 in Feedback

I like it. Pretty handy especially for testers who don't want to scroll through lots of plugins. Tested in vanilla 2.1b1 and

I'll share two changes for myself to put little ▲ in each plugin span to click to got to top of page.

I change around line to:

around line 20

 $HtmlOut = '<div class="Info">Index: ';


  $HtmlOut = '<div class="Info" id="Top" >Index: ';


around line 80

  <td rowspan="2" class="Less"><?php echo Img($IconPath, array('class' => 'PluginIcon')); ?></td>


 <td rowspan="2" class="Less"><?php echo Img($IconPath, array('class' => 'PluginIcon')); echo sprintf(' <a  href="#Top" > &#x25B2;</a>'); ?></td>

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