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Garden master branch fix to run in Mysql strict mode

chanhchanh - CMS Researcher ✭✭

I finally figure out how to fix the issue with Garden master branch that won't install when run Mysql in strict mode.

I fork the Garden master branch and work on this issue because I am just curious why it just failed.

Here is my fork on github:

I am so happy I finally get to the bottom of this issue.


  • chanhchanh - CMS Researcher ✭✭

    I forgot to mention the basic idea is to look for all structure.php file and where ever you see a field with type int or datetime or may be a few other and assign them with a value of NULL.

    I was able to get the setup to complete but there are so many of them I am sure there are still more places that abort or cause it to "bonk" out at setup time.

  • you can submit, a pull request to the core. However it they will need to be some testing so they would probably add it to alpha version, if it isn't already done.

    grep is your friend.

  • chanhchanh - CMS Researcher ✭✭

    I did submit a pull request but not sure if anyone look at it. Thanks

  • @chanh said:
    I did submit a pull request but not sure if anyone look at it. Thanks

    sure it is not going to be instant, this is just one of many things they are working towards.

    grep is your friend.

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