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Theme Incomplete.

This discussion is related to the Deep Banner addon.

Layout is broken and incomplete. This is not a statement of opinion, it's just plain the way it is.


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    Hopefully the author will get back to you, but a screenshot or a bit more than 'it's broke' might help them if you want it improved.

  • @Monsto The theme is made to be Mark O' Sullivan's Theme but with banner colors. That's what it says in the description, and that's what it was built to be. Bitter Sweet by @Mark with the only difference being that I added some banner colors. vrijvlinder: As I felt bad for copying Tama's work and not crediting it, I started using Bitter Sweet as it was better and credited for his work.

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    I'm trying to code some of it and not base off Bitter Sweet, but the code to be coded myself. For now, I haven't got around to doing it, but I have to in the future if I want this theme to continue on, and I think I would like this addon to be removed from the addon page until I get around to actually "code" it myself.

  • I have asked for the plugin to be removed from the Addons place

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