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Page Manager - Tab display quirk

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Hi all :) I am using Page Management 2.2, and have made 2 additional tabs on the site. Everything works fine except for a little quirk. All of the tabs display fine, until I click on the "discussions" page. While the discussions page is TabOn, the new tabs I created dissapear. Subsequently clicking on another tab (say search) brings the new tabs I created back to life. I can't seem to figure out what is causing this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • There is also another quirk... If via the page manager extension, you move the discussions tab anywhere else besides the default location (first), when you click on the tab it moves it back to the default position (first) while TabOn, and hides any new tabs you have made. I couldn't find any way to contact the creator of the extension. And am not sure if this is a bug with vanilla 1. I couldn't find any instance of this happening in the wiki or by searching the forums. thanks.
  • I just installed it for the first time and observed the same problem--the tab I created disappears when viewing the 'Discussions' tab but is otherwise visible when viewing other tabs. SirNot is the author of that extension and he's pretty active here on the forum so I imagine he'll be along shortly to comment on the problem... :-)
  • Very cool. Thanks for the feedback. Glad it wasn't an isolated incident brought on by my lack of experience. cheers
  • Ya, i will also confirm that this is a bug. I had the same issue.
  • It's working fine for me...
  • "It's working fine for me... "

    Are you perhaps running an instance of Vanilla that has been upgraded? If so, did the previous version you had running have the page manager installed and functioning correctly?

    I'm running a fresh install of Vanilla. And the current version of page manager.

    php 4.3.2-19
    mysql 3.23.58-1
  • remoukremouk New
    edited July 2006
    Same problem here:
    - Vanilla 1 (fresh install)
    - PHP 5.1.4
    - MySQL 4.1.20

    Could you please rename the discussion's title (it misses a "g")?
  • NickENickE New
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    Maybe something was changed in the latest vanilla version or something... I'll take a look at it. EDIT: I can't recreate your problem on my machine. Could the page still be in your cache or something?
  • The page doesn'd dissapear per se, just when the discussions tab is clicked... So no, I don't think it's a cache problem.

    Here everything is fine. You can see the new tabs (News and Users) and the discussions tab has been moved to the far right.

    Upon clicking on the discussions tab, this is what I get:

    This is a brad new install of Vanilla. Haven't done much tweaking besides to the stylesheet.

  • NickENickE New
    edited July 2006
    Hmm, I've moved the discussions tab and a bunch of other (custom) tabs around all over the place, and it still dosn't do that for me, both in php4 and php5. You sure it's not some sort of cache issue? Have you tried it in another browser? When did it start doing that exactly (was it when you moved the discussions tab, or once you added custom tabs, or...)?
  • a_ja_j
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    I'm pretty sure it's not a cache issue. I have tried it on IE6, IE7, FFX1.5.0.4 on 4 different machines.

    Another note: even though the Discussions tab is at the end of the list, when first logging in the Discussions tab comes up TabOn in the first position, and the other tabs are missing.

    It started doing this as soon as I tried making a new tab. I installed the add-on, created a new test page, and then noticed the problem. I then deleted the test tab, and made the other 2 tabs hoping that would clear it up, but to no avail.

    I have also uninstalled the extension, deleted from extensions folder, re-downloaded it from here, re-uploaded, chmod777, created a new page, and when I click on Discussions, the new page dissapears.

    thanks for your help.
  • That is odd... Just out of curiosity, if you delete CustomPages.php, then just try rearranging the tabs, does it still do it? Would you happen to have any other extensions enabled which might have any influence on the menu as well?
  • edited July 2006
    Same problem here. Here's the details on mine for the sake of troubleshooting...
    - Vanilla 1 (upgrade install)
    - PHP 4.2.1+
    - MySQL 4.1.20

    Extensions Installed: Add Comments 1.0, Google Analytics 0.2, Atom Feed 1.0, Category Jumper 1.0. Discussion Filters 1.0, Flickerizer 0.1, Guest Welcome Message 1.0, HTML Formatter 1.3, New Applicants 1, Notify 0.2, Page Management 2.2, RSS2 Feed 1.0, Smooth Page Jump 1.0

    First I installed the extension. Then I created a new tab called 'Widgets'. The 'Widgets' tab is visible when I view tabs Categories, Settings, Widgets, and Account.

    The tab disappears when I view Discussions.

    It seems to me that Vanilla reverts to the default view whenever Discussions is viewed.
  • a_ja_j
    edited July 2006
    "That is odd... Just out of curiosity, if you delete CustomPages.php, then just try rearranging the tabs, does it still do it?"

    It does, but then does not let you change them back to their original order. Uninstalled and reinstalled the extension.

    I thought that maybe it was the friendlyUrls's that was causing trouble, but I deleted the .htaccess and commented out the mod_rewrite line in conf/settings.php. It broke some links, but after a few refreshes it seemed OK. Tried to reinstall the pageman, and was still having problems.

    Account Pictures 1.0, Attachments 1.4, Category Jumper 1.0, Comment Protection 2.0, Discussion Filters 1.0, Flickrizer 0.1, Hide Success 1.0, Html Formatter 1.3, IP History 1.0 , Quotations 1.5, Role History 1.0, Smooth Page Jump 1.0, SpellChecker 1.0

  • I made a new subdomain and reinstalled vanilla 1. I then added pagemanager as the sole extension. It works fine (with the exception of 1 minor quirk; the new pages created do not carry over onto the panel the Vanilla/lussumo plug).

    I will keep adding the extensions I had installed, and see if it causes the pageman to fail.

  • a_ja_j
    edited July 2006
    Found it.

    The bug is being caused by "Smooth Page Jump 1.0". Once this extension is enabled, the tabs dissapear and all the problems discussed above show up.
  • Same for me! Bye bye "Smooth Page Jump". :/
  • Ahhh, I see what was messing it all up. I was adding the Menu delegate via the $Menu variable instead of through $Context, so somehow when another application added a delegate PageManager's was lost. I fixed that and a few other bugs, so it should work with 'Smooth Page Jump' now.
  • Very cool. Much thanks.
  • edited July 2006
    I've just used Page Manager 2.2 and I was having a problem: Unregistered members couldn't see the pages from the custom tabs (the tabs themselves did appear and yes they did have the permission to). I've installed 2.3 and now THAT works, but something else is broken: The custom tabs disappear (for all users) when viewing a custom page. The custom tabs appear back if I click on a non-custom page. Not complaining since this is a good extension... just reporting the problem. Thanks.
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