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Request: Outgoing Link

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Would it be possible to make an add-on where there is an outgoing link for posts, if the poster would insert something in it. It would be like an entry field for the "topic", but rather it places an <a href="yourlink"> </a> around it.


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    edited July 2006
    you mean like: HOLY CRAP AN EXTERNAL LINK?

    or did you mean turning the actual thread linked in the discussions view into something like how digg does, making that the external link and also associating it as a discussion?
  • I think the first method would work best, where it gives an option to have an external link at the top or bottom of the user's post. It would be helpful if a person is discussing something they've read elsewhere.

    For example, it could be like this:

    SOURCE: Wikipedia defintion of LOL
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    well, that's generally the purpose why html is allowed providing the administrator loads/enables the extension to do so. Otherwise even in plaintext, just slapping a full style url links as well (given that extension is enabled as well) and all is golden. It's meant as a forum not a wiki :)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited July 2006
    Still, it most definitely is possible to create that type of extension.

    I can see the usefulness of it. Kind of like how blogs do that sometimes...
  • Yes, for the purpose that I plan to run my forum, it would be extremely useful. I will soon be launching a forum for real estate information. I already run a real estate news and information site. That's been time consuming already, posting content every day or so many times a week.

    Some of the categories on the forum that I've setup (currently in testing phase) would allow realtors or even home sellers the ability to post an advert about their home (and yes, even commercial) listing. If they had the option to directly link to the home listing that's posted on another website, I think it would give their listing(s) more exposure. If this could be done automatically, where they don't have to know any HTML, thats even better for them and me.

    Does it make sense now? :-)
  • Hello JP, my name is Con. I hope you and all other posters are well. It makes sense to me: self-help posting and blog-hyperlinking to the source. Although I am convinced that an extension is a helpful idea, I am unable to improve upon your "Wikipedia defintion of LOL" example. I like the self-post task for realtors and sellers (or even all vendors / purchasers to post both their advert and their contact telephone numbers / contact email address / contact internet sites). For example, ' Apartment for sale; (apartment details); Morris Heights, Bronx NY; telephone (212)...' I agree that a category that provides realtors and sellers to post their own adverts ("Start a new discussion" can still be easily used) would be the most direct and maintenance-free procedure. My only reservation and remedy is security. Consider the following risk: - I "Start a new discussion" and so advertise my Bronx apartment and pay you for the service. So far, so good - An unscrupulous user sees the excellent price on my apartment-for-sale, realises that they cannot match or beat my selling price and adjusts it by "Editing a discussion", "Closing a discussion" or even "Deleting a discussion". Clever Unscrupulous User! - The remedy would be to provide "Edit the same discussion", "Close the same discussion" and "Delete the same discussion" commands (programmers please help). Clever Scrupulous Users! - The security would lie in users correcting mistakes in their own advertisements (as well as updating their own advertisements with new information and deleting their own advertisements upon sale, auction or change of heart) and not altering others' advertisements (by mistake or other reason). This could be integrated into all future Vanilla BB-role outs and promoted as more secure. Clever Mark and crew! I have started a new discussion called "Editing specific discussions" to explore this. Please help whoever can help. Thank you
  • I don't get it.
    can anyone explain it to me clearly. with examples I'm kinda slow
  • He just means have an extra field in the 'Add your comments' form that you can paste a url there (or both the url and the text you want to say) and then it gets automatically appended to the end or start of the comment displayed like:

    SOURCE: Title of the link you entered in the form here
  • My Suggestion Introduction My proposed split-and-fit, combination panel can be used for members to start and modify their own discussions / advertisements without fear of other users’ sabotage. It gives us a template to “Start a new discussion” in ‘reserved’ categories in the drop-down box, for example “Selling an apartment” or “Selling a house”; with entries in both the Username textbox and Password textbox. Only the same, re-entered Username and Password shall be permitted to later modify or delete the same advertisement. Allowing discussions prevents both the Username textbox and Password textbox from being common to all categories. The second of the 2 challenges is to provide an allocation in the proposed split-and-fit, combination panel for both a “Source” URL / extension and the preferred, descriptive message instead of a file path. This already exists in the demo Vanilla Forum at (Please see several discussions below...)
  • My proposed split-and-fit, combination panel The following panel exists for members to add their comments: Alternatively, the following panel exists for non-members to add their comments: The items of difference and significance are the 2 textboxes for Username and Password, which we can term Figure1: (What are not being displayed are the Zapgrab diagrams from my Microsoft Word document. If anybody is interested to access the whole document, please email me at Alternatively, can someone please tell me: - how to attach my MS Word document, similar to an email attachment, or, - any suitable email or other procedure to send my MS Word document to any of the relevant people. (Please see several discussions below...) Thank you in advance. Con.
  • Before we return to Figure 1, let us look at the current panel to “Start a new discussion”: Let us split the panel into 2 halves: and: Let us now insert Figure 1 into the split “Start a new discussion” panel:
  • This is the proposed split-and-fit, combination panel. It gives us a template to “Start a new discussion” in ‘reserved’ categories in the drop-down box, for example “Random”, “Selling an apartment” or “Selling a house”; where the Username textbox and Password textbox either ‘appear’ or are ‘no longer greyed-out’. This will still allow multi-user discussions. More importantly, the double-restriction will secure advertisements from other users’ mischief. This proposed split-and-fit, combination panel can be employed to “Delete discussions”, “Close discussions” and “Edit any discussions”; “Add comments”, “Edit any comments” and “Delete comments” in ‘reserved’ categories in the drop-down box, for example “Random”, “Selling an apartment” or “Selling a house”. What do you think? Can anybody cut some code to accomplish this?
  • “Source” URL / extension and the preferred, descriptive message instead of a file path The next problem (I mean) obstacle is the “Source” URL / extension and the preferred, descriptive message instead of a file path. Currently, the bottom of the “Start a new discussion” panel is as follows: In it is as follows: Either style makes for an excellent starting point. In the demonstration version from  Forums (from the left-list) Vanilla (from the sub-menu), there is in the Account tab  Personal Information  (bottom of the page): The text that I have inserted comes from an earlier comment in this discussion:
  • If a valid URL textbox, Label textbox and Value textbox are all required from the already-developed Vanilla extensions, then the bottom part of the proposed split-and-fit, combination panel may appear as follows: The 1st “Format comments as” radio-button refers to the Label textbox, whilst the 2nd “Format comments as” radio-button refers to the Value textbox. Clearly, these can be re-arranged to look more Vanilla and less copy-and-paste. Also, please assume that the yellow background from the bottom of the largest textbox extends to fill the gaps homogenously. What do you think? Can anybody cut some code to accomplish this? (End transmission)
  • Just as a matter of interest, how does 1 create the: SOURCE: Title of the link you entered in the form here that appears in this discussion? (2nd End transmission)
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