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Users missing from leader board

I finished setting up the awards system today. Everything went great, awards started getting assigned and the leader board populated. Now after the entire day I went back to check up and some of the top users are missing from the board. They have been displayed there previously, they have enough points to be in the top, they have all their badges awarded and visible in their profile.

During the day I tried to fix the css a bit cause the menu button wasn't displaying correctly but in the end I use the original file anyways.
I run Vanilla

Any idea anyone? It just seems so weird to happen out of the blue.

Side issues: photo trophy got awarded to some people but not to everyone with pictures. Is there a known cause for that ?



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    businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    It's kind of odd, if the users have indeed enough points to be in the leaderboard, then they should appear. Perhaps they don't actually have enough points, or some others have more than them. Either way, I think it has something to do with the data, as the query used to retrieve it is quite simple and doesn't apply any particularly complex logic. Same applies with the photo awards: if a user satisfies the requirement, then he should get it. I have no report of those issues from other users, therefore I'm afraid I cannot really say what the cause could be.

    Regarding the CSS, I'm not surprised that it needs some adjustments. The plugin was tested on the default Vanilla theme, the look might require some tinkering to adjust it to the site.

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    Hey, thank you for your answer.
    I found it really odd and was really confused myself. It sounds strange that something would change like this since the data didn't. Maybe something got messed up with scripts or smth when I moved the css around. I'll double check. I'm really sure the user has enough points since he has absolutely most comments, time on forum etc but maybe something bugged on our server side, stranger things happened. Once again thanks for your time. Great job on the plugin!

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    @businessdad said:
    It's kind of odd, if the users have indeed enough points to be in the leaderboard, then they should appear.

    First off, thanks for developing the Awards addon, it really helps with user participation for my World of Tanks clan. Players like to receive military medals!

    Everything is working fine in creating and assigning medals to users. The users are able to see their medals on their accounts. The issue is that the leaderboard is very selective as to which users are shown. Some users do not appear even though they have high medal scores. Not sure even where to start to look to troubleshoot. Ideas?

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    businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    Actually, I can't really say why that happens. Scores should be sorted from high to low, therefore users with high scores should always appear. Please note that the Awards plugin has now been superseded by the Yaga application, which offers more flexible features, and I'm no longer actively developing the Awards plugin (latest version is from December 2013).

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    Please note that the ... plugin has now been superseded by the Yaga application,

    I know what you mean :)

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

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