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Dummy Data for Vanilla 2.1b2

R_JR_J Cheerleader & TroubleshooterMunich Moderator

Here it is:

A dummy data package for Vanilla 2.1b2!

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/!\ Running that SQL on your database will wipe all tables that are created during setup. It is strongly recommended to only use it on a fresh installation, without any plugins ever be enabled before /!\

Enclosed in the zip are 2 files: one is the SQL you can run on your fresh Vanilla installation and the other is the "plugin" I used for creating the data. Just look at the plugin if you're nosy and don't be too critical: it is a mess and I really know it! Although it is a plugin, don't expect to be able to use it if you are inexperienced with Vanilla (some things may and are faulty). It is only attached for completeness (and for the brave ones!)

I have thought of creating dummy data for Vanilla before but the thought of 200 "Lorem Ipsum" postings was disgusting (yes, to some extends I'm a freak/nerd). Everything changed when I found that:
At first I started with example data taken from the bible, but to me that was no real alternative to Lorem Ipsum for that case.
Recently my niece told us in sheer horror and full of incomprehenion, she has to read a book at school where a boy transforms into some kind of vermin and how ridiculous that is! Well, I took that as an inspiration: we Germans devoted the word "kafkaesk" to the author of that book and I devoted him the dummy data.

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