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Best CMS to use?

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Hi, I hope asking this is okay on here. The reason I'm asking on here is because I love the whole concept behind Vanilla, everything seems to be so well made, with usability as a priority. Anyway, onto the question, I'm working on a football (soccer to Americans) website in the coming days and I'm thinking of using a content management system rather than the standard Wordpress blog. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions. I have tried the following already; Drupal: I love this but I could never find a decent theme or edit the current ones to my liking. PHPNuke: I found this far too cluttured. Any suggestions will be really appreciated.


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    Radiant CMS looks quite good. I'm planning to use it as soon as we switch to a server that can handle Rails.
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    I'm looking at ModX - very nice admin interface, demo on

    Good hunting!
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    sNews was looking really good for me at one point. Really simple and fast.

    Another good one is Textpattern. Its what I use over at zan.thri.a, but I use it as a blog instead. You can use it as the ultimate CMS - but methinks you are actually looking more for a portal than a CMS.
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    I've always looked for something that has News (with archives), Gallery, Downloads and Custom Pages.

    That's it.. that's all I need, nothing too bulky and I'd like it simple.
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    3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited July 2006 was another good thread on this subject... guess it's one of those never-ending topics... Look forward to seeing Radiant CMS as well...
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    ModX looks really good. Had a quick play around.
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    Elofland, thanks to pointing that site out. That's pretty sweet. I'm playing around looking for stuff I like the feel of. :D
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    To summarize the defects of several CMSs Ive worked with.

    -Textpattern has no community plumbing. Lacks a publi publishing feature.
    -Serendipity has no community plumbing, lacks mods, and has a somewhat smallish support group.
    -Mambo / Joomla has too much of everything you don't need. Has some community plumbing. Is difficult to make the generated site standards compliant. Is generally not worth dealing with the beast size of the software for what you get out of it. I've left this software to the clan sites. It does publish categories and sections nicely, and is overall quite configurable.
    - WordPress is good, but not very flexible. You cannot for instance publish categories seperately with ease. It is possible by excluding category IDs, but is too complex to be worthwhile.
    - ModX overcomplexifies the back-end. Like WordPress publishing options are limited without a hassle.
    - Typo3 is fun, but has a wicked learning curve, of which I don't think anyone has actually reached the pinnacle. Not for the faint of heart, the task oriented, or anyone being paid 'by the job'.
    -PostNuke, *Nuke, Nuke* - bleh.
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    I <3 Django, but it's more of a framework/CMS hybrid than a full CMS.
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    RadientCMS looks pretty cool, but its almost too simple for my needs. Especially since it doesn't have a lot of features, and I didn't see a forum like this one has where people can talk about what they want to see with it. Unless I missed it.
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    It's sad but... We need some "vanilla-cms", the sweetest cms on the web...

    vanilla + swell + filebrowser... :(
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    EvanEvan New
    edited August 2006
    Take a look at if you want something really bare bones, kind of like Vanilla, I guess :P

    Edit: Heh, take a look at the forum.
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    I'd like to try Django but its in Python. And I neither use Python, nor do I have any intention of learning it.
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    I could probably guess but can you say a bit more about how MODx over-complexifies the back end?
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    Skeletonz is pretty nice.
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    edited February 2007
    I've recently started using TYPOlight and really like it. Aside from the huge emphasis on being accessible and compliant, there are some cool things being implemented such as mooTools.

    Take a look at the demo.

    It's definately simple and powerful from an admin perspective.
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    I'm using Jaws right now and REALLY like it. Real simple to setup and get working on. And the templating system is fantasticly easy to work with.
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    On a long thread on the same subject i read recently there were a link to a contest for the best CMS which has been won by Joomla.
    Try googling for this contest review.
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    TomTesterTomTester New
    edited February 2007
    @emergent: looks good, but despite 2.1 version I feel it's not finished and support is limited. am I wrong?

    @garvin: I see jaws is 0.7, is it ready for prime-time? What's the support/community like, as good as vanilla?

    @max: I hear/read joomla is great but it seems (no experience) very inflexible in terms of layout/design.
    Is it me or do all joomla sites look alike (3 column) and too darn busy?
    Friends who ran Joomla were all hacked at least once or more (last time by those Turkish guys in Nov.).

    I've briefly glanced at ModX and more recently sNews (and liked both a lot)
    Drupal 4.7 seems good too, very powerful, but complex interface is not really suitable for my clients...

    Does anyone have another suggestion? (TypoLight was new to me, rest is featured in )
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    In fact, the only one I use, here and there, is SPIP, a french product, but I'm not able to compare to competitors, as my experience with CMS is marginal.
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