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Participated Discussions

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I think it would be very useful to have an add on that enables you to see all discussions you've participated in. I really can't program that myself, so I'm just posting this here as an idea. I think this function would be handier than having to bookmark all discussions you want to keep a close watch to, and besides, that is a very good function in itself (and serves different purposes as well).


  • 'Your Discussions' provides a list of 'threads' started, I guess you want 'Participated Discussions' as well?
  • exactly - just so you can see where you've been and where you've commented. It would be a nice way to keep track of fellow bloggers and interestin blogs (that you've obviously liked because you've participated)
  • I really like that idea.
  • You can run a comment search for your username and save (Namewhore: results for whenever your username is mentioned) it if you have the saved searches extension enabled. Would that work for you?
  • I'd be really interested in this also, I cant see it being hard to add to the discussion filters?
  • i agree - i could use the elaborate search process but i can see someone creating this add-on in quite a short time that said, i can't do that myself so maybe i'm just blantering :)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
  • lech, I only get 4 results from that page... I've definitely participated in more discussions than that.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    well, that simply points out discussions which *YOU* have started, so it's half-there. But having a list of discussions you've participated in would be extension-worthy. Also it could initially grind vanilla to a halt so to speak with more than 100 users the first time run and depending on how it's executed. if any extension master is willing to take this one up then I'm all for it.
  • awesome - i agree, if someone is willing to take it up that would rock!
  • awesome!! i just saw the add-on in the extensions list! using it already :)
  • does the particpated threads remove the need to bookmark a discussion ? I have so many bookmarked, if this tool does what I think it might do perhaps I can just click on it to see all the threads I participated in instead of bookmarking every GD one lol
  • @bugsmi: I'm in exactly the same situation as you: I currently bookmark all the discussions I participate in.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited August 2006
    This would be so much easier if mysql supported subqueries. It would be as simple as

    select whatever from LUM_Discussion where DiscussionID in ( select DiscussionID from LUM_Comment where AuthUserID = $YourUserID group by DiscussionID) limit 0, 30
  • Not necessarily:select distinct c.DiscussionID, whatever else from LUM_Comment as c join LUM_Discussion as t on t.DiscussionID = c.DiscussionID where c.AuthUserID = $YourUserID limit 0, 30;
  • I've downloaded Participated Threads by Sirnot, but when I clicked the link it completely stalled my website. Is this a first time indexing issue or some problem experienced by others? dman
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It's official. Wordpress fried my brain.
  • @dman: What version of mysql are you running, what version of vanilla, and what other extensions are active?
  • you the man Mark, hands you a beer, any chance of making the swell blog as good if not better than wordpress ? lol
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