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Translating Tagging plugin

I'm trying to translate Tagging plugin.

I already translated everything, than this:

var TagSearch = gdn.definition('PluginsTaggingSearchUrl', false); var TagAdd = gdn.definition('PluginsTaggingAdd', false); $("#Form_Tags").tokenInput(TagSearch, { hintText: gdn.definition("TagHint", "Start to type..."), searchingText: '', // search text gives flickery ux, don't like searchDelay: 300, animateDropdown: false, minChars: 1, maxLength: 25, prePopulate: tags, dataFields: ["#Form_CategoryID"], allowFreeTagging: TagAdd });

I'm trying to translate " Start to type..." string, but I don't want to translate it directly from tagging.js, but let the hintText go in a var called from the main function in someway.

Any suggestion?

Any further information will be helpful.


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