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Can't get confirmation emails to work.

Hello, I recently installed vanilla forums on to my website. The problem is that when people register, they don't receive a confirmation email to activate their account. Can someone explain on how to set it up so that it sends them a email to activate their accounts once they register?



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    tthe common questions asked are:

    Have you set up an email address or SMTP settings in yourforum/dashboard/settings/email?

    do you have roles for email confirmation set up correctly

    Roles are edited via the dashboard user screen.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

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    Hi. I'm having an issue here with the confirmation emails either going to spam or not being received at all, even with gmail accounts. Reading your last questions here, I'm hoping you can educate me a bit here as I'm a newb with respect to this stuff. I've read other posts on this issue as well but they're not really conclusive as to how to resolve the issue, just a lot of people saying it fixed itself, with no further comments as to how. As I'm just starting my community here, I'd like to have the most reliable setup with respect to outgoing email right from the start.

    For example, I did not enter an email address into the 'Email' field, or configure an SMTP server, in Dashboard > Settings > Outgoing Email, so I assume I'm using the default email of my web hosting provider, which is apparently the problem.

    So my questions is, what do you more-experienced community managers use for your Outgoing Email setup? What's the most reliable??

    I have a regular freemail Gmail account I could use if that would be better than the email with my hosting provider but I read in one of the other posts that Google doesnt really like to be used that way. Does anyone know if that would be the same for a paid Google Apps license account? As I'd happily pay for one to use for this purpose if it would be more reliable.

    Anyways, any light you can shed on this, again specifics on what EXACTLY more experienced community managers are using would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I've updated to 2.1 just in case that was a question.

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    Sorry, just to add to this, can someone also clarify if there is an option to resend this confirmation email, as I'm not able to find it?

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    @GMoney said:
    Sorry, just to add to this, can someone also clarify if there is an option to resend this confirmation email, as I'm not able to find it?

    Users who have not confirmed their email yet should see a small notification in the bottom left corner of the screen when they are signed in. The notification message has a link to resend the email confirmation.

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    Thanks Shadowdare. I figured out how to set it up using the SMTP host of a 3rd party email service and the notification came through right away for my multiple tests so guess this was largely due to just using the default email service of my hosting provider. Seems good for now so no reason to upgrade to say a Google Apps account however I am curious still if there are any more experienced community managers using a Google Apps account for their forum.

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