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Joomla! wrapper & Vanilla in Firefox

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Hi folks, Sorry for the very specific question, I guess most of you don't use Joomla!, but here's my problem. I've installed Joomla! and Vanilla on the same site, and I embed Vanilla in a page using the Joomla! wrapper component. There's no hack nor bridge of any kind, Joomla! and Vanilla are totally independant (but share the same database). The second is just called by the first in a specific page. It works like a charm in Internet Explorer (damn unusual, isn't it ?) But for some reason, the wrapper goes crazy in Firefox, and only on particular Vanilla tabs. Vanilla is perfectly wrapped when the search tab and the setting tabs are selected: the Joomla! theme adapts itself to the forum's height. But a vertical scrollbar appears on the discussion, categories and account tabs, and prevents them to be displayed with full height. They are reduced to 1/3 of their initial heights. I have no idea if this problem comes from Firefox, Joomla! or Vanilla... I'd just like to know if some of you see a reason why some tabs behave strangely and others not. I'm not skilled enough in CSS to understand if some of them have different parameters allowing the wrapper to reckognize their height or not. Maybe it has nothing to do with Vanilla's theme. Would somebody have a clue?


  • Do you have an online example?
  • Not yet, it's only on local for now and may take a while before going online. However I can make screenshots and/or post the wrapper code if you want to have a look. I noticed the correctly displayed tabs seem to be those containing light yellow boxes with text inside (search form, add comment form, settings help...). Dunno if it's just a coincidence or not.
  • Did you try to set the wrapper to autoheight in the menu option when you were creating the wrapper. The scrollbar will only appear if the page being wrapped is longer than the wrapper.
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    I have the exact same problems as the original poster. In Firefox, despite trying loads of different templates, and all permutations of settings in the joomla wrapper, nothing works. In internet explorer things are not much better. If you click across the tabs in my vanilla navigational thingie, you will see the problem. On clicking on DISCUSSIONS or CATEGORIES, the bottom of the page contracts up, to hide the most of each of those pages. Oddly enough SETTINGS looks fine (though only a moderator can see that tab/page). It isn't a template issue, nor I believe a joomla wrapper issue. I think it is vanilla related. Here is the url:
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    If you use Firebug, you'll see an onload error for the iframe in which the forum is.
    And there is a console error using Firebug:
    uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property HTMLDocument.height

    Have you tried changing the height on the iframe tag to be 800 and see what happens? I know that I had to do this in WP.
  • Jim, thanks for the reply. I must look out Firebug (new to me). I always use FF's Developer extension. Yes, I have tried changing every variable in the joomla wrapper from joomla's backend/admin.....all to no avail. You probably have nailed it re it being an iframe issue. A friend last night told me the same. he pointed to: <iframe onload="iFrameHeight()" id="blockrandom" name="iframe" src="" width="100%" height="500" scrolling="auto" align="top" frameborder="0" class="wrapper"> This option will not work correctly. Unfortunately, your browser does not support Inline Frames </iframe> He told me to try changing the height from 500 to 100%, that might fix it. Now I have to work out today where that code is kept at in my joomla site. Yikes.
  • found the code. But sadly changing the height to 100% didn't work. :(
  • SOLUTION FOUND!!!!! This is for those who may run into this issue in the future. The problem is to do with joomla's wrapper component. So go into the components directory i.e. yourwebsite/components/com_wrapper/ and look for the file: wrapper.html.php You need to delete two little bits of code at the end of two lines. the original file lines are: line 31 - document.getElementById('blockrandom').style.height = h + 60 + 'px'; line 34 - = h + 20 + 'px'; take off the + 'px' at the end of both lines. Thus you will end up with: line 31 - document.getElementById('blockrandom').style.height = h + 60; line 34 - = h + 20; Your problem, if it was the same as the one encountered by two of us had in this thread, will now be fixed. Scooby dooby doo!!! :3)
  • As a sidenote - bloddy Internet Explorer 7 isn't showing the scroll bar (click on CATEGORIES to see that you can't scroll down to see all of the final 8th category on my vanilla forum).
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