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How to expand this element

This discussion is related to the Apptastic addon.

I want to expand the "Discussion" column to make the display better. I tried this on custom.css

td .BigCount { width: 94px; }

but it is not working. anything wrong with my modification?



  • u mean this part?

    .DataList .ItemContent {


  • sorry for the late reply, been busy lately and imgur is now blocked by my ISP ( finally got a workaround )

    not that element, I want to expand the box container of the Discussion count header.
    the "s" from Discussions looks out of place. If the box were wider, it would be better

  • ShadowdareShadowdare Moderator
    edited June 2014

    Welcome back. Looks like you're referring to the Discussions column of the table layout of the categories page.

    Here are a couple ways to make that column wider. You only need to add one of these CSS rules to the theme's custom.css file.

    .BigCount.CountDiscussions {
        width: 94px;


    .BigCount.CountDiscussions > .Wrap {
        word-wrap: normal;

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