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Admin levels?

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Was curious if there are any extensions or anything that would introduce a heirarchy into the roles and permissions. As such I would like to assign a certain level of moderators to be able to ban users if need be. But I don't like the idea that they are also able to change my role as well and possibly elevate themselves or others to Administrator status in order to change certain things. I searched documentation and the forums here and didn't find anything that pertains to this (if there is, point me there). If it doesn't exist, then I'd like to introduce such an idea. This heirarchy would be based off the sorting of the roles and permissions. Administrator at the bottom of the list would be "THE" god of the forums. Any other admin or mod levels listed on top of that who have permission to change roles would only be able to change the roles to one level below them and no higher and cannot change the roles of anyone at their level or higher. This keeps moderators from creating other moderators or de-modding others with permission. Either that or an actual check-marked list of roles a specific admin or mod role that has permission to change roles can change others roles to.


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    In anticipation of this type of request I have added a sort order to the roles table (notice how you can drag and drop the roles on the role administration page?).

    the next step is for someone to write the extension to implement the level-based permissions so that lower level users can't affect higher level users.
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    I await in anticipation of such a plugin. :) I might try my hand at writing such a thing if I can figure out the necessary stuff to do so. It seems simple enough.
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    Hey, sounds interesting...
    And what about a special property for users like "untouchable" or so and only users with that tag can change it.
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