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Code Error '251'

I'm getting this message when I'm trying to post discussion with a tag;

{"Code":256,"Exception":"Duplicate entry 'test--1' for key 'UX_Tag'|Gdn_Database|Query|insert GDN_Tag \n(Name, InsertUserID, DateInserted, CountDiscussions) \nvalues (:Name, :InsertUserID, :DateInserted, :CountDiscussions)","Class":"Gdn_ErrorException"}

I'm running 2.1 stable, it only happens when I try post a discussion with a tag. anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.



  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited May 2014

    which "tag" plugin are you using? and which version of plugin?

    it is trying to add a tag which already exists. called test-1

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  • I'm just using the Tagging plugin that comes with Vanilla 2.1.

    It's indeed trying to add the tag 'Test' to the discussion. It has already been added through the admin panel.

  • Okey, tried running utility/structure a couple of times. Disabling the addon, adding/removing tags, etc. Didn't work.

    However after doing a clean install, enableing Tagging, running utility/structure, it worked! Thank you very much Vrijvlinder, you can't imagine how many times you're comments have saved me. o:)

  • Oh nvm, the actually issue was that the addon Tagging doesn't like capital letters. Could also be my database tho, but if I use tags without any capital it works perfectly.

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