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All pages created using BasicPages are refreshing/reloading endlessly when viewed by Guests

This discussion is related to the Basic Pages addon.

I'm using Vanilla v2.1 stable and BP v2.1.3.

I have absolutely no clue what's going on. Logging in resolves the issue. Why are pages constantly auto refreshing when viewed by guests?


  • Still you need to take a look in your Firebug and Chrome equivalent. There must be a reason which tells Vanilla to reload the page

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  • r0obertr0obert
    edited July 2014

    If I disable Private community and switch to Public, it all returns to normal.

    What's going on, any ideas?

  • @UnderDog said:
    The private community doesn't let guest users see the posts, making it reload the page

    Firebug and the Chrome equivalent do wonders

    I used Firebug and also Chrome Inspect Element but I cannot seem to find the issue. I'm sure you're right though...

  • Do you have the view permissions setting enabled for all the pages? If so, what is the guest permission set to for each page?

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  • @Shadowdare said:
    Do you have the view permissions setting enabled for all the pages? If so, what is the guest permission set to for each page?

    All pages have custom view permissions and guests have view permissions ticked for each one. Guest have no other permissions whatsoever.

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    I created a page with the view permissions enabled for guests on a new Vanilla 2.1 installation with the Garden.PrivateCommunity config setting enabled, and I can view the page as a guest and a user without any constant auto-refreshes. I also tested with the Hide "/page" from the URL? setting enabled and disabled for the page and it still loads up normally. The problem is most likely not due to the code of Basic Pages, but of something else on your website.

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  • r0obertr0obert
    edited July 2014

    @‌Shadowdare now I have another issue. I set community Public and when I access mywebsite.com/basicpage1 it says permission problem, but when I go to www.mywebsite.com/basicpage1 it works. How can I make it work without www ?

    Also, I'm doing the same test as you did above and will let you know what I come up with. If its not the BasicPages, what could it be, ideas?

    Edit: I will try and isolate the issue, maybe its a plugin or something. Afterwards maybe do a backup and clean install, import database... I guess..

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    By setting your community to public, you mean you disabled the Garden.PrivateCommunity setting? In that case, are the page view permissions still enabled? This will help others replicate the issue and see if they get it on their ends.

    I'm not sure why it would work differently with www, but there's probably an issue with the routing or rewrite rules for the web server. Try disabling the Hide "/page" from the URL? setting for the page and go to the link with the /page/ path in it and see if the www issue is resolved.

    In the original case, is the auto-refreshing occur for guests immediately right after they load up the page or does it happen a few seconds later? In your web browser's inspection tools, did anything show up in the console log?

    If the auto-refreshing is an infinite loop, then perhaps you have a plugin which uses one of Vanilla's redirection functions and its code is loaded on the page controller, JavaScript on the page that causes a redirect, or a header redirection rule set in your web server. A lot of things can cause auto-refreshing.

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