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How to Test OnlineNow for users

vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
edited July 2014 in Tutorials

To test OnlineNow :

1.Open a browser and log in

2.Open another browser and log in as another user

3.Open another browser and log in as another user

4.Refresh the first browser and clear the cache

5.Make the other users you logged in as browse a thread then refresh the page.

The user needs to do something like browse a thread to register as online. If the User just gets online but does nothing it will take the time it takes to refresh to check again. If the User is on a mobile and the mobile enters sleep mode from inactivity, the user will appear to go offline.

Or ask your users to browse threads and clear the cache and refresh the page. To allow guests to see users online, change the settings in the dashboard.

The most important thing is to clear cache and refresh often.



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