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Plugin uses deprecated "CommentData" instead of "Data('Comments')"

This discussion is related to the Thankful People 2 addon.
edited August 2014 in Feedback


When turning on debug view with the plugin enabled, discussions break completely. The reason is that the plugin uses the now deprecated DiscussionController->CommentData on line 90 of class.thankfulpeople.plugin.php.

Changing it to Data('Comments') seems to solve the issue – the whole line would be:

$CommentIDs = ConsolidateArrayValuesByKey($Sender->Data('Comments')->Result(), 'CommentID');

After the fix the discussions display two bits of debug info though:


Comment.Page.30.33.1: false

Comment.Page.30.33.1: array ( 0 => '2014-08-05 09:05:41', )

Not sure if that's important.


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