Better color for links inside comments + Addons for nav

phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP
edited August 2014 in Feedback

Hi Vanilla Crew,

I have to suggestions for the forum here. The link color inside the comments is very close to the regular font color. That makes it hard to find links inside comments and messages. When i scroll through a thread looking for a link i'v already seen in the past it's even on my iMac not that easy to identify (just by http or www or slashes), i don't wanna know how it looks on not so good screens.

2nd is, that i'm cheking the forum regular on my mobile to and it would be great if accessing the addon-section (always check too) would be possible from the mobile navigation of the forum here.

Who agrees?

May my wishes come true, i'll keep on talks with the Ronald McDonald and Make a wish foundation too. ;)

Juchuu, thanx for listening.



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