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Blacklist - Forums hiding the Vanilla text.

edited October 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Do you know a forum that use Vanilla but has removed the Vanilla text and hidden it? This will likely bring less users to Vanilla & is against the rules. This will be the official blacklist (if it is is ok for the admin) and you can submit sites which are breaking the rules. Here is the list: - Hiding the text, looks like they want all the creds. Hiding it. Bad. Hiding the powered by Vanilla text. Idiotic. Original thread: a new supercool idea to use less bandwith for download uses Vanilla. It is nice! :D


  • Windows only service? Short sighted, not interested!
  • The windows-only part doesn't bother me one bit, what does bother me is that it might be spyware. Or at least there are enough people suggesting it (and complaining about strange probes). Redswoosh themselves of course are very eager to tell people that they are not handing out spyware.
  • Do a google and see what is being said - redswoosh does not appear to be supercool at all.
  • edited July 2006
    I really hope that this is a communication error or something...
    But claiming that they were "creating" a password reset feature for vanilla as if they were coding it is lame.

    see comment 5 in this thread to see what I´m blabling about:
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Well, they may have integrated Vanilla with their own login system - in which case they *could* be writing their own components...
  • lamentlament
    edited July 2006
    TechCrunch discussing them.. Mark Cuban helped fund them. interesting.

    oh also, in the comments,

    They have a forum but there’s no button to “create a new thread” or something like that.
  • I see no mention of Lussumo anywhere...
  • Criminal masterminds or just confusing userbase... all in all, I like their forum style, very nice.
  • Now wheres the Vanilla 1.0.1 etc notice thing gone? It is vanilla, im pretty sure of that but it looks modded in some sort of way!
  • That is vanilla - anyone care to post and ask them why they have taken the notice off?
  • Oh, yes, it is Vanilla. You can even look at the HTML source, and you'll see that the note is still there, they've just hidden it using CSS. Really poor form. :/
  • @krush, just have :-)
  • LOL, I like it :D
  • Aww, I wanted to bookmark that thread but then I realised I have to register to do that...
  • Well done! And let's keep bumpin it up to the top if they don't answer... Is the obligation to reference Vanilla or Lussumo part of the open source Vanilla licence?
  • I believe there is a comment in the code that requests to retain the 'powered by' message. I recall Mark asking someone else to restore it as well. Some forums like Johnson & Johnson don't have it, but I believe Mark personally set them up that way.
  • I think your probably right, unless Mark has had some sort of deal with them, then there in big trouble! We should all go over there and spam them!! (ok maybe not!)
  • That's quite mean to use vanilla without a link to
    But I don't think he have to.
  • lamentlament
    edited July 2006
    some forums like Johnson & Johnson don't have it, but I believe Mark personally set them up that way.


    where is that forum?
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