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Best way to bulk load content?

I am transitioning my site to vanilla and it currently has over 1200 posts on Wordpress. Hierarchy will be about 250 forums with content pre loaded in each. My site gets an easy 5k uniques per day so I want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

I know a good idea would be to develop locally and then migrate the data but does anyone have any tips on mass post creation or forum creation?

How hard would it be to make a large creation tool for as much amount of data I can pass with a single click?

Does anyone have any solutions? I'd be willing to pay on a students budget for some help.


  • does comment migration, but I don't know if they will do it for users of the open source software.

    I don't know, how much you are willing to code something yourself, but you could just do this in a plugin:

    Create a Discussionmodel

    $DiscussionModel = new DiscussionModel();

    Now load the Title, first post and creator of your data (whatever format it might be in)

    Insert the Discussion

        $DiscussionID = $DiscussionModel->SQL->Insert(
                'InsertUserID' => $USER_ID,
                'DateInserted' => $CREATION_DATE,
                'DateUpdated' => $CREATION_DATE,
                'CategoryID' => $CATEGORY_ID,
                'Name' => $DISCUSSION_TITLE,
                'Body' => $DISCUSSION_TEXT,
                'Format' => 'Html'

    Now cou can use the $DiscussionID to add the comments.
    The creation of comments works similar, the parameters of the Insert function directly map to the table structure.

    You could loop through your data like that, but if you are not up to it, you better ask someone here who does paid work :wink:

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