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A fix for those still unable to see new applicants

lechlech Chicagoland
edited January 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
If you're running with a clean version of 0.9.0, this doesn't apply to you.

If you just been updating the codebase like I have, and you've updated while keeping the same DB. When you get new applicants. You may find that you can't see new users upon login or in your settings, and you can't approve/deny them but you can up their access according to roles.

Between the last 2-3 releases prior to 0.9.0 some things were changed dealing how applicants were handled. the /appg/settings.php had a setting reflecting those changes. A quick fix is to look for and change the following lines to the way they appear below. These lines should look the same as in the 0.9.0 release. After this you should see any new applicants signing up after applying this little fix.

define("agDEFAULT_ROLE", "0"); // default role (applicant) define("agALLOW_IMMEDIATE_ACCESS", "0"); // auto approve (i think) define("agAPPROVAL_ROLE", "3"); // Membership approval role

While this won't fix existing applicants, it should work for any newbies that apply to your forum. In other words, double check your old settings.php vs the latest and note any changes outside of the ones that you've made from within the board.

I hope that was clear enough to understand easily :)


  • well... this is already set correctly at my forums... but it doesnt work. any other ideas? a search for "roles:applicant;" simply doesnt find anything.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Wow this is old. akb, next time you go grave digging, check the dates, this fix has been applied for all current versions 0.9.1 to current. Try posting a new thread or continue here explaining what your exact error is :)
  • hehe, okay. sorry ;) well... my exact error is "no results found" (or similar) :-P tested it after a new application, but no results when searching for applicants... although there is the new user with roleid 0 (was it 0?) in my db.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Ok, in your DB roles should start at 1, 0 is used internally to defined new members and will appear as such under lum_users. Have you redefined your roles in any funky way, and is this a fresh installation of the latest version?
  • It was a fresh install of 0.9.3 and I changed my roles... well, I only renamed them to match my lang (german). But I dont think this should affect anything, should it? The only thing I could imagine is that it doesnt find roles with containing german umlauts, but on the other hand it finds _users_ with umlauts, so it should be no problem. You're right, roles start at 1... in LUM_role. But when a user applies for the forums he gets the roleid 0, which seems to mean simply "nothing yet". This gets changed to a real roleid when the application is confirmed. Well, the only problem I see would be if the search function checked in LUM_role to find the roleid first, which doesnt exist (since 0 does mean "nothing", "no roleid yet").
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Yeah, that's a bit odd indeed. I don't think that the umlaut would or could really cause a problem, as Vanilla is looking for users based on roleID and not name. It only calls the name into the applicant list. This could be a bug in 0.9.3 which you might want to bring up in the vanilladev forum. I have to get off my ass and start beta testing 0.9.3 just to see what's up with it and to finish my theme :) However, you do know that 0.9.3 is currently still <i>beta</i>, right? you shouldn't be using it for deployment other than testing.
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