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searching for something

hey dudes, im very new to vanilla and i have no clue about the php&plugin architecture (not yet). i want to replace the "atom" and the "rss2" textlink in the bar to the left with two .gif's ... where can i find those two lines actually? thx for helping


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    You'll have to edit the extension files for those two feed types. Go into extensions/atom and extensions/rss2 It will likely be the default.php file in each.
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    probably i'm kinda blind .. but i couldnt find the string :(
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    TreyTrey Charlotte NC New
    to change the Atom one you would go to


    and change this line near the top..

    $Context->Dictionary['AtomFeed'] = 'Atom';

    to this..

    $Context->Dictionary['AtomFeed'] = '<img src="url_to_pic" alt="alt text" />';

    same goes with the RSS2 text, just go to that extensions folder, and then default.php, and then change the following line like above

    $Context->Dictionary["RSS2Feed"] = "RSS2";
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    thanks a lot for the good and very fast help... seems like a solid memberbase here :D
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    mh this is interessting, i'm anyways not a very brilliant coding guy but this is probably new to me. if i add the string : $Context->Dictionary["RSS2Feed"] = '<img src="rss2ico.gif" alt="rss" style="border: 0px"/>'; then the "/> appear on top of the forum header (on top means , above the blue.wave.gif bgimage). and i get this only in opera and firefox so far. but safari looks good .. no errors there. any ideas? would be nice. thankies
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    That'd probably be because the same definitions are used within the link tag, so your html is causing the string to break out of the link's attribute:<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" href="somefeedurl" title="<img src="rss2ico.gif" alt="rss" style="border: 0px"/>" />
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    hm it does'nt really work for me i tried it allready before, and i get just parse errors. but thx for the help so far i really apprecciate it.
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