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Google ads not working anymore


We just upgraded to 2.1.3 the other day and when we did our google ads stopped working. We were just placing the Google ad code in a "Messages" box that we placed at the top of the page.

Ever since the upgrade instead of showing the ad it shows the last part of the code! We use that same code on the WordPress portion of the site and it's still working fine there.

Anybody have any ideas on how we could fix that?

Thanks so much!!




  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Try adding the message again by disabling it and re enabling it. When you add script to the messages , it is a good idea to wrap it in a div and give it a class so you can style it further if you wish.

  • Hmm.... I thought you might have had a good point about the division tags, but I just tried that and still same problem. It just displays the last part of the raw code for some reason.

    It worked fine before we upgraded to 2.1.3. It's a mystery!


  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Ok then I suggest you make a module . please try the Widgets plugin and see how the modules are built. Then add the google code and see if that works

  • Oh ok, great. Thanks! I'll give that a try.

  • Yikes! I just installed that widget but have no idea how to make it work. They say to copy your code into it - but I don't even see where to do that. Does anyone know by any chance?

    Thanks so much!

  • Why not using the pockets plugin? easy to use

  • Thanks Schryvers, I just tried pockets and got it to work! Phew! That was overly complicated!

    By the way, when I installed that widgets-plugin - it totally messed up my site. Somehow it made all the text white and it looked like every page was blank. Weird. I disabled it and everything went back to normal.

    oh one other thing. I got pockets to place an ad at the top of every page. But I'd also like to place a couple of more ads in other places - like in the comments of a forum, maybe after every 10 comments or so. Does anyone know how to configure it to do that? Their Location drop-down box is a little confusing - they have "Between Comments" which I'm assuming should be chosen here. Then they have "Repeat Every..." and then they have "Frequency" and "Begin At". I'm not sure what the difference between frequency and begin at is. I'm assuming if you put a 3 after Begin At - it will show up after the third comment and if you put a 10 after Frequency, it would show up after every 10 comments. But I tried that and nothing showed up.

    Thank you all so much!


  • Just between comments and then repeat every 3 is showing 2 banners when 6 comments.

    But the best way to learn is to do.... if it dont work go back in your dash and cancel the pocket and do it again with other settings.

    Its so easy.

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