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stuck... need help with wordpress blog posts entering into vanilla as discussions

I've been beating my head against the wall trying to do 2 things in order to achieve Wordpress posts working as discussions in Vanilla.

Tons of Google searching and reading these Vanilla forums hasn't provided me with a solid answer.

Goal: I want to make a Wordpress post, and have it integrate into my embedded Vanilla forums as a discussion/thread. I want users to be able to leave comments in either wordpress or vanilla and have them synced to both spots...

I've turned on comment integration, I have the WP Vanilla plugin enabled, embedding is enabled in Vanilla dashboard... but the comments in WP don't show anything. There is no form to make a comment in a WP blog post, and there is no forum post in Vanilla.
Tried various themes to see if my custom was the problem, but it doesnt matter if I try other themes, they all just show 'comments by Vanilla' at the bottom of each post, but nothing else. Adding comments through the WP Admin page doesn't add anything to the page itself (different comment system)...

Testing locally using XAMPP
cURL is enabled
not sure if I need to enable loopback in .htaccess or what...
Vanilla 2.1.3 (upgraded by copying over my 2.1.1 files and ensuring my conf/config.php file still worked)
Wordpress 4.0


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    I've made another WP install, integrated Vanilla, and comments are working on the new one.

    Looking back at the non-working version, i dug into the iframe that should display the comment form, but, it has the error splash page for 'soemthing has gone wrong'.

    Seems my primary website has some jsconnect issue, or perhaps users IDs aren't lining up properly? Anyone with any suggestions on what to look for in the database or config files to get WP and Vanilla lined up?

    I'm going to do some digging of my own through my local copies of WP and Vanilla.

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    To see the error message when "Something has gone wrong" put this in your config:

    $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE;

    And show us what error messages you get.

    Generally, always verify everything works before you embed your forum as embedding can cause more issues.

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    well, i got it to work. i did a fresh install of 2.1.3, reinstalled jsConnect, synced that all up, and then pointed to the old DB. comments work just fine now.

    too late to go back and check the error message, sorry.

    Differences I'm seeing in my local 'Test' site vs. the local Primary site...

    1. in my new 'test', blog posts go to the forums as user 'System' (no biggie, i hvaent made users or their roles yet), but, in the old environment i can at least post as the user, so that's great
      2a. when blog posts in the Primary environment go to Vanilla, they show the title of the post and the website title, i.e; "This is my blog post | Website Name", and below that is a link 'read full story here', and then it grabs some image to accompany it that is completely off-base... not sure what it's thinking with what image to show
      2b. what setting should i be using to not show the article title and random image?
      2c. what's the recommended way to show the content of the blog post? since this is in an iframe, the WP functions probably wont work. do i need to write a query to grab the content from the WP article?
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