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Add HTML to Sidebar

Pretty simple idea. You have an Add HTML to Sidebar Add-On which creates a text box in your administration settings for you to put whatever the hell you want in. Perhaps a choice of having it at the top or bottom would be nice too. If the user breaks it, it's their fault.

Possible uses:
Add some random text!
Add a link or two!
Ad a list of sponsors (what I would use it for).
Grow your own chia pet!!

Just thought I'd throw that out there, probably wouldn't be too devestating to create.


  • It's easy to add HTML to the sidebar: $Panel->AddString("Random quote!!");
    There are lots of scripts out there which show how you can get a random string from a file, mysql or an external source.
  • Yeah, I could easily manage it on my own, but I'm thinking more for people that aren't so tech savvy. I think the easier it is do anything the more people are going to want to pick up Vanilla. But if there's not interest for this one, that's fine :)
  • No, I think that would make a good extension for, as you say, those not so code-savy.
  • agreed, great idea for an extension
  • I'll do it when that guy releases his classes for making settings pages...
  • How do I add the headers like "Categories" and "Feeds" with the line below it. Anyone know the code to add that easily into the panel? That's all I need to complete my new extension.
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    <<deleted duplicate posting>>
  • I'm gonna guess if you put <ul> and </ul> tags around the thing you're adding (i.e. betwen the title and the content) it will do it (guessing based on the view-source on the panel here. If it doesnt work dont shoot me!)
  • Actually, I dug into the source code and its an <h2> </h2> that accomplishes that. I'm still working on the highlight hovering effect. Wish I knew how to do that.
  • See my post in your other thread. Does that work?
  • Minisweeper, Well, it doesn't show up in the side panel. But it doesn't come back with any errors, so I guess thats a good sign I'm on the right track.
  • Anyone know if there is an add-on that does this? Allows HTML in the sidebar? How do I do that for a little customization?
  • Nuggets will work for vanilla 1, but I don't know about vanilla 2
  • I'm using 1.1.9 I'll try Nuggets then, thanks
  • You are welcome... ^_^
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