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Blank page - login issue?

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Hi all!

I am having a serious problem with my Vanilla forum. I've installed it and everything has been working properly for about a week now. A couple of days ago i installed the Announcement-extension. After i changed the announcement-message the whole forum went completly blank. My fix then was to delete all the files and upload a backup-copy of the forum.

I later learned from Mr K that i could have checked the conf/settings.php file for a double-line. The thread for that is here.

Know i have a completly blank page again. I haven't installed an extension since the last time everything went blank. The forum has been working properly for a couple of days. But all of the sudden, when i was browsing the discussions, the forum went blank. It seems to work when your not logged in, but as soon as you log in, you'll see the blank page...

What could i do to fix this? I don't want to delete the files and upload again. There is no telling if this error will appear again, and that seems to me a messy fix to do all of the time...

My forum is here:


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    Oh, i have to add. I'm a total newbie att php. :)
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    edited July 2006
    do you have it working? It seems to be ... yeah .... My suggestion is to remove the announcement extension as it seems to have issues with some characters - and I see you are using international characters, which might be complicating it :) Sing out if you need help
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    Consider this a song! ;-)

    I don't have the announcement extension installed since the last time i've got a blank page. So I cant remove it because it's already gone... :)

    Could there be a trace of the announcement in the database? Why that should be a problem know seems strange because i've had the forum up and running for a couple of days after the "annoucement-incident". :)
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    No the announcement items are all stored in the settings file ... it adds all of these ------------------------- $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_SETUP'] = '1'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_MESSAGE'] = 'Default Announcement Message'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_DISAPPEAR'] = '1'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_TIME'] = '8'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_TEXT'] = '060'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_LINE'] = '9C9'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_BGCOLOR'] = 'E2F9E3'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_ALIGN'] = 'center'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_LINESIZE'] = '1'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_LINEHEIGHT'] = '200'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_MARGIN'] = '10'; $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_FONTSIZE'] = '13'; --------------------------------- If you have disabled (removed) this extension, then you can safely remove all of these out of your conf/settings.php file Have you tried disabling all extensions, and it's only when you log in right?
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    None of the above announce-lines are in my conf/settings.php. So that extension is gone.

    Yeah, that's right. It's only when i log in that i get a blank page. How do i disable all extensions without logging in?
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    I think this part is not databased and they are all kept and enabled in "conf/extensions.php". Remove'em from there.
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    That worked!

    I'm going to try to activate one extension by another to see what extension thats troubling me.

    Here's my list:

    Is there anything in that list that, on the top of your minds, is a bit shaky?
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