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Not sure how this works exactly....

This discussion is related to the EpicEditor addon.


Thanks for the plugin first of all. Just to clarify, is this supposed to show markdown output when I write and save a comment in markdown?

The preview function works fine, but when I save the comment it just displays raw markdown input.



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    From the addon page:

    Issue tracking
    If you come across any bugs or if you have a feature request, please file an issue using the GitHub Issue tracker. EpicEditor for Vanilla won't be supported through so please stick to using GitHub for inquiries about bugs and feature requests. Thanks!

    File a new issue or feature request:

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    Bump. I am also not sure how this works. It becomes enabled and renders the code in a split-window while you write. Nifty! But when you save, the code is just printed into the post, it is not rendered. Perhaps a markdown-processing plugin also needs to be installed. Like this one:
    edit1: By looking at the discussion of that plugin, it seems markdown processing is now a native function, and can be enabled/disabled in the config file. This can be added to the config: $Configuration['Garden']['InputFormatter'] = 'Markdown';

    edit2: Adding markdown input formatting to the config.php made the forum interpret the EpicEditor's work! Now I have to figure out if I really like it.

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