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HillfootHillfoot Stockton-on-Tees New

I have recently bought a Hudl2. I can log in to my Vanilla Forum successfully. When I endeavour to post I can tap on the post 's heading bar and the Google Keyboard pops up enabling me to enter text for a heading. Then when I tap in the message box the keyboard does not appear, so a post cannot be completed. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so did they solve the problem, and how ?

One hardly likes to mention this in these august surroundings, but there is no problem in this respect with the Simple Machines Forum .


  • grep is your friend.

  • HillfootHillfoot Stockton-on-Tees New

    x00. Yes the Hudl2 runs on Android 4 I think, and the native browser (which I use) is indeed Chrome. Am just off to the hospital now, so I will look at your links when I get back - thank you.

  • Ok send a link to forum when you have tine, if is a public one.

    grep is your friend.

  • HillfootHillfoot Stockton-on-Tees New

    Well, it is a private family forum, but in the interests of science, it is HERE

    But if you wish to post I shall have to set you up as a member I presume ?

  • Ok you are using the cleditor. I suspect that may be the source of bug. You could report it but they did say they are depreciating support of that editor in favour of another. This is officially, but there are other implementations of the cleditor, and other editors like it by third party contributors.

    There are two types of editor:

    1. Lightweight editors, which automate the insertion of some "markup" or text formatting. You will not necessarily see what it will actually look like unless you click "Preview"
    2. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), these editors the display/edit the formatting in place and in real time like a word processor. Without necessarily requiring knowledge of how the underling format works. As they are more complex, there is more mechanics, so to speak, which is why there could be the odd bug.

    cleditor itself is a third party script and that implementation was done by the core team. Where there is a problem with that version of the script, the implementation or unrelated not sure.

    There are a variety of editors available. There are plugin have been contributed by people with various level of aptitude of the framework. Being more technical I have less use for WYSIWYG so haven't tested any recently.

    My client haven't had a major issues with cleditor, although it is not perfect.

    grep is your friend.

  • HillfootHillfoot Stockton-on-Tees New

    x)00. Thank you for your information. I had myself, quite independently, and having noticed the behaviour of the message box when touching it, wondered if the WYSIWYG plugin might be the cause of the failure. I disabled it, and Lo! I could post. So between us we seem to have cracked it.

    I will leave it disabled and see if something better comes up.

    Thank you.

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