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minor annoyances and problems

1) Sometimes I have to log in twice to a forum till im actually signed in. This happens on my forum, as well as this one. I am using Camino and Firefox. 2) It goes from login to a would you like to go to categories or discussions page, which apparently its not supposed to do. This also happens both here and on my forum. I started a discussion here about it but nothing came of it. 3) The cookie dies as soon as the window with the forum is closed. It'd be nice to have the session last until the browser is quit. my install is an upgrade from 9.2.2 and resides in a subfolder of my domain. Is there a cookie setting that may need to be changed because of this? (just wondering) thanks!


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    To my understanding, each browser usually will receive it's own unique cookie per login, and as a result kill any previous cookies for that session. Also it depends on how you're accessing your forum is it under the or just as that would make a slight difference in how cookies are treated as well. if you have that www. there you might need to tweak the cookie file to have the preceeding period to make vanilla available to subdomains it's accessible under.
  • I changed the cookie to be * and the cookie path to be /folder/. is that the correct thing to do?
  • oh. 4) on one of my longer discussions (840+ posts) the last page sometimes shows as blank, and I have to go back one page and then return to the front page in order to see it.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Your cookie should be (without the asterisk) and the folder should be /folder/ (as you have it).

    @lech - that's how it used to work. Now it keeps setting the same cookie in all browsers you use until you sign out and sign back in or the cookie expires. It is set to last something like 30 days (I can't remember exactly).

    So, if your cookies are dying when the browser session ends, then it's some other problem.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Mark, ahh, ok gotcha. I figured that under most systems it would cause the session to expire and assign a new one but I guess you've worked around that.
  • must be some other problem... im still having the same issue after changing the cookie to just
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