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menu links don't show up, would save a hundreds of user questions if {custom_menu} were added

This discussion is related to the Bootstrap addon.
peregrineperegrine MVP
edited December 2014 in Feedback

First off - wonderful theme kasper.

but a suggestion that could help the average joe user.

  • menu links don't show up when added by plugins or apps via addlink,

It would save hundreds of user questions if {custom_menu} were added to the default.master.tpl theme out of the box.

  • some people have trouble typing the words {custom_menu} and adding it to the default.master.tpl of your theme.
  • by putting the smarty variable in the theme,
    • it would help people who don't know how to edit or who have trouble with the english language.
    • it would also help people who don't read installation instructions or people who don't read plugin or theme descriptions.

I've fielded a boatload of questions about this theme

because the bootstrap theme does not include the standard smarty variable in the .tpl file {custom_menu}

please re-consider on your next release.

already filed question....

perhaps a reconsideration considering how many people are still having problems making a simple theme change.

{custom_menu} is in default theme and bittersweet theme.

because it is not in Bootstrap, novice users will continually make mistakes adding {custom_menu} to the default.master.tpl
and will keep asking questions.

At least the following plugins and probably more will not display a link in bootstrap out of the box, because the simple addition of
{custom_menu} is not made.

All Viewed
Extra Pages
Members List Enhanced
Van2Shout mods.
basicpages application.
add menu item

I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.



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