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By way of thanks...

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Thanks to all the people who have helped me recently.

By way of thanks I would like to share this little tidbit...

I'm sure, like me, there are those who hate the ugly border that Firefox displays around pictures that are links. Put this line into your CSS and Firefox will behave itself.
:focus { -moz-outline-style: none; }


  • Or...
    a img { border: 0 }

    To prevent Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and every other browser from doing it.
  • or simply img { border: none; }
  • or simply img { border: none; }

    Only if you don't want borders on any image, which is often the case. Otherwise, though, use the a selector.
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    I've create a new theme called "Emptyness".

    It's really easy to install! Open vanilla.css and add: body { display: none }. Very clean style if you ask me :D

  • Jazzman, You should create that as an style addon ;)
  • Jazzman, can we get a preview?
  • lo :P hehe cant wait for that theme jazzman its gunna rock!!!
  • Here's a really clean style. This one definitely needs to be made into an addon!
  • Are you guys taking the Mickey out?

    I don't mean the image border (border="1"), I'm referring to the dotted outline Firefox puts around an image link when you click on it

    It's ugly and makes a clean site look, well dotty!
  • a { outline-style: none; -moz-outline-style: none; } works nicely for me.
  • Keep in mind that the dotted-line rectangle is Gecko's way of showing keyboard focus too, so turning it off like that may have accessibility functions.
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