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What are YOU using Vanilla for? [and where]



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    I use it for communication to my clients. Privatly of course, setup robot.txt to stopping crawlers and search engine indexing the site. Clients will be invited to join the discussion, approved, change it to client role. Each client has different role and category, so each client see different categories :) . It just works great for documenting my projects.
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    Mr K, you say INVITE only - how does that work exactly? Interesting to see what you think is up with the css - it was completely overhauled for v1 and it's meant to be simpler now, but if you think there's still work to be done on it it could be fun! (i dont understand css so i'm clueless anyway!)

    And not to put you off vanilla, zeusbox, I assume you've checked out basecamp and stuff? Cool stuff otherwise!
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    Invitie only ... well truth be known ... it makes use of the Extended Application Form extension. As admin I have the job of checking that when there are new applications, the applicant has provided the email address of an existing member - who will vouch for this person. We want a tight community of like minded people (web nuts) .. we are a family really ... and so limiting membership does two things 1) makes it illusive (he he he ... btw any of you are welcome to approach me for membership) 2) keeps it a tight friendly group BTW I'm working out some advantages for being a member eg: DISCOUNTS! ... and we talk about all sorts of stuff from CSS, to Flash to Business & Finance ...
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    TreyTrey Charlotte NC New
    edited July 2006
    I run a "myspace" help site with layouts and such on it, and I've been using the vanilla forum for a little while now. I dont have a ew theme or style for this yet since I did just install version 1 a few days ago, but I did have a style for the previous version that matched my site a bit. I just havent had time to mess with it to much yet but it is on my to-do list :)
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    Answering the original question, I've begun a website about life & happiness (might as well aim big!), things that have interested me for years. I wanted people to be able to argue back (unfortunately, not many do yet) so I have incorporated a Vanilla forum into the site -

    It's all a bit unfinished at present. I've had to research and write the material, try to learn about web design (still a lot to learn!), learn from scratch enough CSS and PHP to do it all, and it's nowhere near what I want it to be yet in any of those areas. But I was drawn to Vanilla because I thought it looked the best and only found out later that it probably WAS the best and had a fun and helpful community supporting it. I'm still using, but I'll go to v1 soon and then I'll try to jazz up my design.
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    I'm using Vanilla to support several freeware games I've developed, the forum is located at I'm also using Vanilla's People class to do the authentication for the online high score system of one of the games, located at I was originally using phpBB2 for this, but I was having too many problems with spam.

    It was pretty easy to migrate, I used the script posted on this forum to migrate the user accounts and existing posts from phpBB2 to Vanilla. The People class was fairly easy to work with, the only issue I ran into was the PHP session cookie wouldn't carry over between the two vhosts without changing the cookie domain. I just had to add a line to the People class to set the cookie domain for the PHP session cookie and now it all works better than the phpBB2-based version.

    I'm hoping to add online scoring to a few other games, and I'll also be using the People class for those too.

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    offtopic, are you aware c99koder that using as the cookie domain should make it work for both and

    Fair enough Mr K, i just wondered if you'd made up an actual invite system (email invite people etc) cause people have been requesting it :P
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    i want to dominate the world, and my vanilla forum is the first major step ! [echo]haaaahahahahahaha[/echo]
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I just had to add a line to the People class to set the cookie domain for the PHP session cookie and now it all works better than the phpBB2-based version.

    Damn. I never thought of that. What line did you add and where? I'll make sure I get it into the next revision.
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    I use Vanilla as a forum for the readers of my website.
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    I use it to supplement my political/scientific/philosophical blog. Its a discussion board for misinformation/information, politics, art, books, philosophy, current events, policy/policy-reform, and many other topics.

    Can be found at
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    Just integrated Vanilla to my small dating site which I put online 2 months ago (be warned, it's in finnish). The forum is located at and I have of course the latest threads showing in the bottom of the front page at In case someone is wondering, yes, I did remove the Lussumo text, but I am thanking Vanilla seperately in the Info-section at, hope that is ok.
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    @mark: in Framework.Class.Context.php: function StartSession() { session_set_cookie_params(0, '/', ''); This could be adjusted to use the same cookie path as the auto-login cookie. I also modified People.Class.User to populate FirstName and LastName, so I can reference the person by their first name on certain pages (ex. entering an invalid score code says "Sorry, {$Context->Session->User->FirstName}, that code is invalid. Please try again."). Also, when I did the migration from phpBB2, I adjusted the script to fill in the first name as the username, so that error message would say their username if they haven't set a name yet. @minisweeper: That setting is only for the auto-login cookie (the one that saves your name/password), not for the PHP session itself.
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    Forum for friends....
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    Well, after failing to find a working polling script to be used as a decision-making tool, I was just browsing through Vanilla Add-Ons and I stumbled upon Jazzman's poll extension ... so I said what the heck? lets try this thing out .... I tried it and I was amazed .. really it is just fulfilled my requirements(any member can make polls) .. so I started a new vanilla ... not many days ago .. now I'm trying to pull the others to it ...
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    My forum is actually a forum/website combo, I am trying to switch over my website to the vanilla forum. This is my old site i'm trying to convert to vanilla:

    It's an Anime/Video Game/Hentai review site, (no hentai content just reviews) I won't be done with it for a long long time, but it should be up and running once I complete a few of the new anime styles im creating for it, so if you want to check back and see my styles feel free to drop by the vanilla forum:

    I'm currently working on my first custom anime style so I'm not done with it yet so don't critique it yet :p I still have a lot of work to do with it, but I think I have a basic structure of it down, I just need to tweak a few things and add some more graphics to it. I'm not a graphic designer so there in lies the challenge with me creating a custom style.
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    I'm using Vanilla for a small Live Action Roleplay Organiser (LARP).It has exactly no traffic, because we will start our next convention in august 2007.

    You may find it under

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