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Error during membership application

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hello, I've am a new user that is experiencing errors when applicants try to register. I'm using the following versions of MySQL, PHP and Windows. PHP 5 MySQL 5.0.22 Windows XP Apache Web Server Here is the error: Error Message An error occurred while creating a new user. Affected Elements UserManager.CreateUser(); The error occurred on or near: Field 'SubscribeOwn' doesn't have a default value It's pretty clear that during the CreateUser() process a default value is not being assigned. I don't know where this is taking place, nor what the 'SubscribeOwn' field is for, so I do not know the best way to handle this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Joshua


  • Just for informational purposes, is there something wrong with my post? Should I have posted better detail or something? Anyway, I was referring to the application process for our implementation of Vanilla. After filling out the necessary fields and submitting the error message above occurs. Obviously I have determined that I can go into the database itself and assign a default value. This did eliminate the error message, but does not explain what that field is for, or why I was getting the error in the first place. Any help would be appreciated. Joshua
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    What extensions do you have enabled?
  • Extensions enabled: Announcement 1.1 Category Jumper 1.0 Comment Removal 1.3 Guest Welcome Message 1.0 Notify 0.2 Predefined Attributes 0.3.3 Theme Switcher 0.1 Thanks
  • I'm currently having exactly the same problem on a fresh install - I had enabled a bunch of extensions, but I've turned them all back off again and am still having the same problem.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2006
    I'm going to guess that SubscribeOwn is a field in the user table that relates to the Notify extension. I'm going to further guess that in the Notify extension it creates that field but doesn't assign a default value to it.

    I'd say you should open up your database and put a default value into that field. AND if I am right and the notify extension is the culprit, the author should update it so *IT* applies a default value.
  • Cheers for that - I had to do the same to the "notified" field as well, but it seems to have done the job...
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