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BasicPages, no WYSIWYG editor shows up.

This discussion is related to the Basic Pages addon.

I've installed BasicPages in Vanilla 2.1.5, and it's working, but the WYSIWYG editor is not showing up for the pages I create. What could be wrong? I have CLEditor enabled. Do I need a different editor to work with BasicPages?


  • ShadowdareShadowdare Moderator
    edited December 2014

    The text box on the Basic Pages editing page does not support the CLEditor plugin. Currently, it only supports the ButtonBar plugin, and a variety of text formatting options. In Vanilla, there are two main types of text boxes built-in to its Form library: TextBox (simple) and BodyBox, which is what Basic Pages uses.

    Using BodyBox lets plugins, such as ButtonBar and CLEditor, load up the resources required for them to show up; however, it doesn't load up all the resources correctly in the admin dashboard since the editors were meant for the front-end, so this could be why CLEditor doesn't show up.

    Additionally, if it did show up, new code could be added to make Basic Pages more user-friendly with CLEditor enabled, such as hiding the format selection and forcing HTML/WYSIWYG format when CLEditor is enabled.

    Add Pages to Vanilla with the Basic Pages app

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