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Does anyone round here know PHP?

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I heard a few rumours that one or two here knew PHP? I won't let on.......honest.

Anyway I am revamping a website that is photography based and decided to add a forum, phpbb....only joking it's Vanilla really. I am about a week into tinkering with Vanilla before I go fully live and I love it, but I've just hit my first real problem that I can't figure out.

The main site uses a php script to take a folder of images, create a thumbnail of each image and then output as a table of thumbnails. When you then click a thumbnail, the fullsize image is displayed. So I created a new tab with the Page Management Add-on and used the php script. The idea being that as a photographers forum they will want to show off images of their own, so all they have to do is upload to a specified folder and their image is added to the User Gallery. The result can been seen here: Gallery Tab

The problem I have is if you click the thumbnail to show the fullsize image, you are taken back to the Discussion page.

Not being all that familiar with php I can't figure it out, I'm not sure if it's the script I'm using or something in Vanilla I need to change. Any ideas? It's really doing my swede in!!!


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    Your images seem to link to /forum/index.php?gal=Gallery+1&pic=003.jpg Though the script should link to /forum/?Page=gallery&gal=Gallery+1&pic=003.jpg
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    Thanks, I never noticed that - Doh!
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    Just as a pointer, and to make more work for you :p, if you could create this as an extension which made the gallery in users profiles I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it! Or had some user segregation on the gallery page. Also, have you considered using thickbox (or something similar)?
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    This is like 'manna from heaven' (if that means what I think it means)! MethCat, this would make a great extension, so good luck with it. But the rumours about me being a php-God are, sadly not true.
  • Sorry don't know any php :P hehe ;)
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    OK were fixed now, just some tweaking with the navigation and to find out what is going on in IE to do now.

    @Minisweeper - thank you for the extra work :p The script is displaying the default gallery, to add more galleries you just add a folder and put some images in, so each user could have their own gallery, so what you suggest is possible. Plus titles, descriptions etc. can also be displayed (I'm currently not using this option) by using suffixed text files for each or by using FCKeditor integration with the admin interface. Now all I have to do is learn php properly and then get permission from the guy who wrote this script for me (he owns copyright), or get him to do it.....

    You can see it working properly here with the navigation, but please bear in mind that the site is under a complete revamp and the about page is no longer relavant.

    But I agree it would be a nice extension and it should be developed.
  • omg Jazzman he only wants people who can do php so whats the point in posting :P
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