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JPEG Only Supported

Uploading PNG or GIF files appears to strip the transparency (the image is saved as JPG). Could we get transparency supported added?


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    agcyphersagcyphers Nooooop.

    Fixed it myself. Changed "jpg" in GenerateTargetName call and SaveImageAs call to "png".

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    agcyphersagcyphers Nooooop.
    edited January 2015

    Here's a more in-depth fix (detect image type). Beginning at line 446, through 476.

            $imageType = end(explode('.', $_FILES[$UploadFieldName]['name']));
            $suppTypes = array('jpg', 'png', 'gif', 'ico', 'jpeg');
            if( in_array($imageType, $suppTypes) === false ) {
                $imageType = 'jpg';
            // Generate the target image name.
            $CurrentYear = date('Y');
            $CurrentMonth = date('m');
            $UploadPath = PATH_UPLOADS . '/articles/' . $CurrentYear . '/' . $CurrentMonth;
            $TargetImage = $UploadImage->GenerateTargetName($UploadPath, $imageType, false);
            $Basename = pathinfo($TargetImage, PATHINFO_BASENAME);
            $UploadsSubdir = '/articles/' . $CurrentYear . '/' . $CurrentMonth;
            if($isThumbnail) {
                $SaveWidth = C('Articles.Articles.ThumbnailWidth', 260);
                $SaveHeight = C('Articles.Articles.ThumbnailHeight', 146);
            } else {
                $SaveWidth = null;
                $SaveHeight = null;
            // Save the uploaded image.
            $Props = $UploadImage->SaveImageAs(
                $UploadsSubdir . '/' . $Basename,
                $SaveWidth, // change these configs and add quality etc.
                array('OutputType' => $imageType, 'ImageQuality' => C('Garden.UploadImage.Quality', 75))
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    Will consider adding transparency support for image uploads in a future release. Thanks, @agcyphers! :)

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    If you set the second parameter of GenerateTargetName to FALSE, it will figure out the extension by itself.

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    ShadowdareShadowdare r_j MVP
    edited February 2015

    @Bleistivt, thanks for the tip! I'll probably set the second argument to false for the $UploadImage->GenerateTargetName() call. Also, it looks like validating the extension against an array of allowed extensions isn't necessary as $UploadImage->ValidateUpload() throws an exception for uploads that aren't images.

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    agcyphersagcyphers Nooooop.

    The purpose of that validation was to have a default extension of jpg if no others were found. Probably not the best way to do it.

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