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Nexus theme help

Hi! I bought the Themeforest theme Nexus and apparently it is not an embed-friendly theme? Or something broke somehow. I tried contacting the developer, tried every fix I could think of or find online and in these forums, but still can't get it to work. (I even used an embed plugin and other shortcodes / custom fields to try to get it into the page.) The page is in WordPress and the SSO feature using the WP plugin is working. The mobile theme was working but Nexus will not. Any ideas?

I hate to waste money but any ideas on a really nice similar theme? My site goes live as soon as I fix this (should have already launched but had this problem). Thank you!



  • P.S.- like others, I get the "3 boxes" then nothing. But sometimes the Vanilla logo loads at the bottom of the page. So what could it be? Thank you!

  • That means you have a javascript errors on your page or something is wrong with the embed code.

    Check your javascript browser console (F12) for error.

  • Thanks, Bleistivt! I may be over my head because I'm not sure what to do next.

    I do see one exclamation point though:
    1 Invalid App Id: Must be a number or numeric string representing the application id.

    The vanilla social integration is turned off (never turned it on). And that error appears sometimes even when the forum is working (I can get it to work with the mobile theme only and on a page where I used a custom field plugin to embed it). If it's not that error, is there a way to know how to find it or know what to do? Thanks!

  • AdrianAdrian Wandering Spirit Montreal Vanilla Staff

    @kiddya‌ here are the troubleshooting steps you should try. Using Debug setting will help us know the errors


  • Check in the network tab, what status code your forum returns, when embedded.

    We can't really help you, not only because it's a proprietary theme, but also because you haven't provided a link to your forum.

  • To be sure though, does anyone use Nexus as an embedded theme? I just wish they'd answer on the theme forum because there are many people with the same problem. :(

    The page listed in WP under Forum Integration:

    The page that works with the mobile theme / custom fields plugin:

    Hmm, things are only getting worse as now (even before starting the troubleshooting Adrian mentions above) I go to my main forum page (http://grownupsmag.com/forum) and it redirects to this: http://grownupsmag.com/discuss/# That's the original Forum Integration page but not the one set currently and is also missing the forum.

    I'm going to clear my cache now and try to figure out why it's redirecting now, but just wanted to put this out there in case anyone had any ideas. I just don't think it's unique to me because of the other things I've read, I just don't know what to do from here. Also, it's happening on the other themes too... "mobile" came with Vanilla and used to work (though I suppose the trigger was installing the outside theme, grr). Thanks!

  • I don't think I know what I'm looking for, but in the Network tab in the console it says, Status 304 Not Modified (and some others for the page and forum all say 200 OK).

  • Yes, your forum returns a 200 OK. I would've expected an error. Do you still have debug mode enabled?

  • No, it is not on, at least from config - if there is a dashboard setting, I don't know where.

  • (I did fix the setting in Vanilla's Forum Settings > Advanced that was making it redirect so all clear there). Now just the embed still not working (except the one theme working in the custom fields setup only).

  • Still working on this this morning and definitely getting nowhere. I disabled the social sharing buttons on the page and anything else I could think of that could be a conflict. I still can't see anything even if I change it to one of the default themes.

    http://grownupsmag.com/discuss-2 - main embed URL for vanilla
    http://grownupsmag.com/5838-2/ - the workaround but only getting the vanilla logo and nothing else

    Thanks for any advice! I don't think it's only a Nexus issue (but I recognize it started around the time I installed it - could be a different installation issue though).

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    please explain how you installed and where as far as the folder tree. Get that working then deal with embedding which is only adding the iframe of your forum.

    You can't embed vanilla in the same directory as the installation.

    If your installed vanilla grownupsmag.com/forum

    and you want to embed in grownupsmag.com/forum you will have a problem.

    Most of the time the issue is not the theme but what embed code you use and how.

    You can also test by embedding the iframe directly in a div on the page you want the forum embedded

    <div><iframe src="grownupsmag.com/forum" width="100%" height="1000px"></iframe></div>

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Both of the Urls you provided are from embeds inside wordpress. where is the forum software installed?

    You need to figure that out first before you embed anything anywhere. The embed is just a mirror of the main stand alone forum. So if that does not work neither will the embed.

  • kiddyakiddya New
    edited January 2015

    Thanks, vrijvlinder! I had someone else install it but they only installed it up to the point before the WP plugin / embed. And it was working okay before uploading those new theme files.

    I tried the iframe you gave above and got a 404.

    The forum is at grownupsmag.com/forum and installed outside of wordpress with its own database (public_html/forum). Any other details I should provide that may help? I just want to embed on any other page in my site so that it retains the rest of the page (header, sidebar, footer).


  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited January 2015

    You need to add the http://www part to the url the example I gave was a guess of where your forum is installed..

    <div><iframe src="http://www.grownupsmag.com/forum" width="100%" height="1000px"></iframe></div>

    do not force remote url and do not embed the dashboard.

  • Yes, I did try the variations - http://grownupsmag.com/forum and with and without the trailing /

    The notes you mention at the bottom - you mean in the settings or something else? I'm seeing the full forum on the page I'm trying to put in the iframe, but when adding it to the WP page, it only brings up a 404 or an inception-like view of a 404 page. :(

    Just speculation, but I am under contract with an ad network and I don't know what possible iframe busting code they may have applied. Something I can't control, but just a thought.

    Since it does work sometimes with the other themes, what could be the difference between this theme being applied (or even just the files uploaded) that breaks the embed? I want this theme but any other more road-tested themes that look as modern? I hate wasting money, but I'm also on a deadline and have to consider buying another theme (anyone try Origami?). Thanks! :)

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    The notes you mention at the bottom - you mean in the settings

    Yes when you go to the settings in the forum dashboard for the embed there are options to force the embed url and to embed the dashboard too. If they are enabled, disable them.

    I know it works because I just tested it by embedding your forum into my wordpress test site.

    I suggest you disable embedding with the plugin or anything else and then test using the iframe code above.

    iframe busting code they may have applied.

    There is no such thing in this case. Wordpress uses iframe too so if that was the case your site would not work at all. The only places where iframe would not be allowed is in the adding new discussions and comments. But as part of a page if done correctly there is no problem.

    Since it does work sometimes with the other themes, what could be the difference between this theme being applied

    Usually it has to do with javascript or something of that nature. If you zip the theme here I can take a look at it and maybe find a fix for you. It is a nice theme but it may have baggage you can live without.

    I want this theme but any other more road-tested themes that look as modern?

    It depends what you call modern , I would call that a clean simple theme, but not modern.
    The best themes are those with the least amount of extra files in my opinion.

  • Okay, makes sense, thanks for the explanations. And your workaround worked - thank you! With that, I will be able to try to catch up to my deadline if I can and that's really awesome. Thank you, vrijvlinder!

    I am hoping to use the SSO (the reason I used Vanilla for my membership site in the first place) looks like it may still be working. Any reason for me to continue to troubleshoot (such as if iframe is less desirable across platforms or as far as mobile responsiveness goes) or should it be okay like that? Sorry for the additional questions - overall just really happy right now and appreciative of your help - thank you again!

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited January 2015

    The script is just the container for the iframe. The same thing gets loaded. There may be issues with someone else embedding your forum as I did. But they would be able to do it anyway by looking at the source and taking it. But every website runs this risk and there s nothing you can do to prevent it that I know of.

    The embedded forum may be more lightweight that the full forum in an iframe. But it works the same way.

    As far as the theme, any theme will work embedded you just need to adjust the receptor space to make it fit.

  • Thanks again for the great suggestion and pushing me to keep trying it (I was getting really frustrated and almost gave up). Also, the theme developer contacted me and was working to troubleshoot the issue so a happy end to this issue all around. Thanks for helping me get it to work on the site and anyone else looking to purchase the Nexus theme can feel confident doing so. Thanks again!

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