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Articles and permissions

I love the idea of the Articles application, thank you!

One thing that seems to be missing, or perhaps I'm just not understanding it correctly:

We'd like to be able to let people post their own articles. In order to do this without there being a review process before they are published, I have to give the members group the ability to edit articles.

The problem is, this lets them edit all articles, including those authored by other people.

Is there a way to allow people to edit/publish their own articles, but not other people's?



  • ShadowdareShadowdare r_j MVP
    edited February 2015

    Thank you for trying out the app!

    The initial release of the app was targeted towards communities who need an editorial workflow for posting articles, so there's no way to allow people to edit or publish their own articles at the moment.

    I'll add an issue in the GitHub repo that may be implemented in a later release for adding another permission, such as one called "SelfEdit" and "SelfPublish," that you can set for roles. If someone is interested in submitting a pull request for this functionality, feel free to do so.

    As for the implementation, how would you like the self-edit and self-publish to work? Should the self-edit feature have a timeout?

    Add Pages to Vanilla with the Basic Pages app

  • First of all, thanks again for the app, and for listening. Ideally we'd like people to be able to do whatever they want with their OWN articles.

    We're using the app sort of as a "Word Press" add-on to our forums, to allow people to post their own blogs should they choose to, or edit them whenever they want.

    I think having the system mirror the way the forums work in terms of they have 24 hours (or whatever the setting is in Vanilla) to edit their work is fine.

  • btw, for now as a temporary fix, I created a special "bloggers" role, and gave edit/publish permission to users I put into that group.

    It's less than ideal, since in theory they can edit other people's blog entries... and we have to manually put them into that group, but it's better than nothing.

  • Has anything changed in this regard with 1.1.1?

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