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Vanilla Theme Browser?

3stripe3stripe ✭✭
edited May 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Being a simple (read that as lazy if you will) soul, I'd love to see a demo Lussumo forum somewhere where I could choose any current styles from a dropdown, and see them applied instantly. I guess it could even be this forum.... Wouldn't be too hard to set up?


  • Or Mark could just enable "Custom Styles" and host all styles here :)
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited July 2006
    True true... I think it would make a nice addition to the Add-ons / Themes section though...
  • You mean a theme garden? When more themes and styles are published, that would make a great site.
  • Yeah, it would be a verdant pasture indeed... or some such...
  • theme page could have a link to a forum tha uses it. but that solves only part of the problem as forums will move or be closed. 'download all themes at once' link?
  • If you want .. I'm more than happy to grab a domain, set up a dummy forum - give a few of the key members here access (to install and set up themes etc) and then let people use that? Let users pick on a per user basis ... maybe call it and let those be forums where people can discuss particular theme issuses? If you are keen to do this ... let me know, I can set it up over the weekend
  • what about something like Or even just a subforum here ( or something? Assuming mark was willing to host it. Make it run all extensions and give everyone admin access (locked down as necessary). Then just have it reinstall itself every hour or so incase anyone fucks somemthing up. That's how most software demo's run.
  • get it while it's hot. that would be kinda cool.
  • Using PHP it would be extremely easy to have it wipe the databases. Also, themes could be applied even using GET queries (?theme=this) or instantly with javascript.
  • I think it should be an integral part of, not somewhere else... really...
  • I agree .. it'd be nice to have it here ... BUT if Mark is busy or investing his time into Swell or other things ... I've no problem helping to set up an alternative form for themes etc - this is quite common where the THEME/SKIN forums are taken and handled elsewhere ... Wonder what Mark thinks of all this .... Mark around? he he
  • This is a good idea. There also should be a header for a Demo link in the style page, along with a link to Report a non-working demo.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Yeah, I can do this. Sorry I missed this for so long. I saw it last week and decided to ignore it. I didn't feel like taking on more work at the time :) I'm too busy with other projects until Monday, but next week I can get to this. I'll bookmark it.
  • Schweeeeeeeeeet. Glad it'll be a lussumo-thang
  • great
  • Now to another thread for my next suggestion.... heheh...
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    Awesome, I've always wondered why didn't already have a theme browser... Seems like it would be helpful for people to get an idea of how flexible the software is.
  • *Bump*

    Mark, you still got plans on making this?
  • edited September 2006
    Wouldn't the easiest way be if all styles at the add-ons directory were put into this forum? User style choosing is enabled here, so it would just be a matter of unzipping the archives. I see BlackDiamond is installed here on the community forums, and I think having the others available would be great.

    Edit: I'm talking about styles here, themes would be harder to do (with extension compability etc.).
  • I was always thinking of something like Alex King's wordpress theme browser.
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